WordPress blogging:How to be less boring

WordPress blogging platform: How to make a blog less boring?

WordPress blogging is an art. Just as a painting without colors is less alluring to the eyes. In a similar way, we can say about the article in WordPress.There’s no doubt about it. WordPress makes everything easier since it is a WYSIWYG editor. Within seconds, one can copy-paste the content and publish a brand new blog post for the world to see.

There’s only one problem, how can you make it look good?

WordPress Blogging Tips

Below are some of tips for making your blog more attractive and readable:

Use Headings and Subheadings

WordPress Blogging: Setting the header and the sub header.

It is imperative to break your article into different heading and sub-heading. Readers generally look at the heading before embarking on the journey to read the article. This aspect of WordPress blogging is also demonstrated in the readability section. This section will help you in breaking the article into different heading and sub-headings. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate heading, simply highlight the text again and use the editor to change the size, color, and style of the font.

WordPress Blogging:featured image

The first thing one needs to do before writing is to set the featured image. The featured image is an image shown at the top of the blog. Make sure that the image represents the gist of the topic. This large image is the visual representation of your article. It is a known fact that people still judge a book by its cover. The better the image, the more people will be attracted to it and share it online.

 Use short paragraphs

WordPress Blogging:short paragraph

In order to make the blog more readable, make sure that each heading our subheading consists of a shorter paragraph. They make it easy for people to read and it doesn’t feel like a book. The readability analysis of WordPress makes sure that a writer uses a smaller paragraph throughout by giving an indication.

Use a larger text size

The size of the text can be set at the block level. It is recommended to set the block size between 18-20 in the custom field. Anything below size 16px (12pts) is probably very small, and it will be difficult for the people to read it.

Use images throughout your post

putting the image

As discussed above, besides setting a featured image, it is also good to have other blog images spread uniformly in the article either at each heading or subheading to discuss the point the heading or the subheading is trying to make. One can either use an image block, gallery, or the cover to represent an image. These are the most commonly used block type for images. Here are some tips on image adding.

Use links throughout your post

inbound links.

The Yoast SEO will give you the indication that the outbound or the inbound links are missing. It is good to put these links because it helps in the optimized blog. The inbound links are the links are that refer to other content on your website.

Embed videos within your blog posts

embed a you tube video

Adding videos to your article will dramatically increase the value of your content.

 Use Bullet points

using list or stylized list

Adding bullets or numbered lists is a great way to break up your content in a different way.

How could you use bullets?

  • Listing the pros and cons
  • Giving step by step instructions
  • Listing product features
  • Listing benefits of a service
  • Making a list of items
  • And many more

Use horizontal lines to separate paragraph

using seperator.

Always add a seperator line at the start of the heading ( H2 ) to seperate each topic.

“Keep it simple” to have a fast loading site

keep it simple
Picture source:istockphoto

The design of the blog should be such that first-time visitors take less than a few seconds to decide if your site is worth exploring. Besides aesthetics, other factors are also important. For example, these are ease of use, page speed, and user-friendliness. It gives your visitors a better experience when browsing your content. It puts more importance on the content itself and makes your site load faster.

Consider these things:

Ignore and remove inessential design elements that don’t matter

 Remove buttons, widgets, ads, pop-ups, and other distractions.

Do you actually need all those social media shares and follow buttons?

Do they actually help in getting any clicks or do they just distract people? It is imperative to focus on those buttons that have the biggest impact on your audience. It is preferable to use lightweight versions instead of the official buttons.

Refrain from adding what is not necessary in the first place

Think about what purpose any design element has? It is imperative to focus on quality, not on quantity to make room for those elements that do make a difference.


Above are a few tips for making the look and feel of the blog good. These tips will definitely help drive traffic and increase readership. If you have any further tips, please write it in the comment section.

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