What are the highest popular data analytics companies in 2020?

A Comprehensive List of the highest Data Analytics Companies With Features & Pricing. Select the simplest Data Analytics Company From This Review.

Data Analytics is certainly the process of remodeling or changing this data to get a clearer picture of that specific process or a component. Information and Data Analytics allow the staff to seem at the knowledge during a particular context and make smarter business choices to achieve improved products and services.

Data Analytics Companies

Data analytics companies
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Consistent with Forst and Sullivan, the market size of massive Data Analytics is growing at CAGR of 29.7 attempts to it’s expected to grow to $40.6 billion by 2023.

According to market research and survey, Big Data Analytics is adopted by over 53% of the businesses within the year 2017 and it’s increased by 11% within the year 2020.

List Of the highest known Data Analytics Companies

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Enlisted below is the list of the foremost popular Data Analytics Companies.

  1. Beyond the Arc
  2. SG Analytics
  3. Sumatosoft
  4. ScienceSoft
  5. Pragmatic Works

1. SG Analytics (India)

Data Analytics Companies

SG Analytics is certainly among the leading companies working within the field of knowledge research and analysis in several parts of the planet. The corporate was awarded the “Regional Best Employer” award in 2016 and 2017 and held its reputation within the year 2018 also.

With a quite suitable working atmosphere and highly trained professionals, SG Analytics thus strives to satisfy customer expectations since its birth.

  • Founded in: 2006
  • Employees: Around 500 employees.
  • Locations: USA, UK, and Switzerland.
  • Core Services: Services associated with data analytics in marketing, Sales also as operations.
  • Other Services: Investment research, marketing research, and BI & Visualization.
  • Revenue: $25-$50 Million.


  • SG Analytics doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it involves investment research and analysis.
  • It provides insights into the fields of selling, technology and far more.
  • Strives to satisfy customer expectations.

Website: SG Analytics

2. Sumatosoft (Belarus, USA)

Data Analytics Companies
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Sumatosoft may be a Data Analysis and Internet of Things enterprise, specialized in undertaking complex projects. It also looks into different industries like Healthcare, Medical, Hospitality, IT, land, E-commerce, and Entertainment.

  • Founded in: 2012
  • Employees: Around 300 employees.
  • Locations: Australia, The US, and Europe.
  • Core Services: Web design, Idea analysis also as Software Development.
  • Other Services: Testing and QA, Code Review, Helping businesses to reuse the software.
  • Revenue: $2.2 M


  • Highly customizable services in start-up programs and development.
  • It ranks 5th in testing across the world.
  • It is specialized in undertaking complex projects.
  • Pricing Information: Its hourly rate ranges from $25 to $49 per hour.

Website: Sumatosoft

3. ScienceSoft (McKinney, TX)

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ScienceSoft is an IT consulting and Data Analytics Company that was launched within the USA. The corporate provides services for Retail, Healthcare, Software, Banking, etc. Moreover, it has quite 1000 employees throughout the planet.

  • Founded in: 1989
  • Employees: 700+ employees
  • Locations: USA
  • Core Services: Data Science, Big Data, BI, Data Management, Analytics Outsourcing.
  • Other Services: Software development, Software Testing & QA, Cyber Security, IoT, Application Services, IT Consulting, etc.
  • Revenue: $25 Million.


  • ScienceSoft provides custom and platform-based solutions.
  • It then provides its services to medium and enormous size businesses of varied industries. For example, Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom, and other industries.
  • It has 30 years of experience in IT.
  • Pricing Information: As per the reviews available online, its hourly rate ranges between $25 to $49 per hour.

Website: ScienceSoft

4. Pragmatic Works (Fleming Island, Florida)

With over 25 years of experience, Pragmatic Works has completed 1530 projects successfully. Also, the corporate focus on pre-sales and consultancy for complex data management and restructuring.

The company has no centers in other countries. However, it connects to the purchasers worldwide through one SQL server with no complications.

  • Founded in: 2007
  • Employees: 51 – 200
  • Locations: Florida and Salem.
  • Core Services: Machine learning, Cloud Infrastructure, and Data Analytics.
  • Other Services: Cloud Migrations, Managed Services, and Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Revenue: $17.9 M


  • It has a politician partnership with Microsoft.
  • Pragmatic Works may be a highly reputed company that provides a real-world experience to its clients and stands at an honest position within the competitive market.
  • Pricing Info: Its on-demand-learning plans start at $495 per user per month. It also offers a free plan.

Website: Pragmatic Works

5. Beyond the Arc (CA, USA)

Serving as per the customer requirements, the corporate provides valuable insights into Data Analysis and Management.

It is also involved within the fields of Finance & Payments, Media and most significantly Digital marketing. Beyond The Arc also makes its contribution to Content Marketing.

  • Founded in: 2008
  • Employees: 11 – 50 employees
  • Locations: CA, USA.
  • Core Services: Predictive Analytics and Machine learning, Text Analytics-NLP-Cognitive Computing, Customer Acquisition Analytics, B2B Data Monetization, etc.
  • Other Services: Communications, Social Media, Training, CX Strategy, and PR Agency.
  • Revenue: $1.9 M


  • So, it provides strategies that are specifically designed for improving sales and organizing data.
  • Beyond the Arc shows great interest in Strategic Marketing, Brand Formation, Visual Designs, and data processing.
  • Pricing Information: Consistent with the web reviews, its hourly rate ranges between $200 to $300 per hour.

Website: Beyond the Arc

6. PSL Corp. (Medellin, ANT)

PSL may be a software development organization operating on the DevOps concept. It also solves various challenges in Engineering, Automation, Performance, etc.

  • Founded in: 1985
  • Employees: 501 – 1000 employees.
  • Locations: Colombia and San Jose, Insurgentes.
  • Core Services: AI/Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data or Fast Data.
  • Other Services: Software Outsourcing Services, Test Automation, DevOps, BlockChain, Voice Recognition System Processing, etc.
  • Revenue: $24.2 M


  • It has certainly a hold within the fields of Advertising, IT, Cloud Computing and Software Development.
  • With quality and reliable services, it’s made an excellent impact on its clients with innovative technology.
  • Pricing Information: Online reviews say that the hourly rate of PSL Corp ranges between $25 to $49 per hour.

Website: PSL Corp

To sum up

Thus, data is an integral tool and selecting the acceptable service provider is often quite taxing. You’ve got to stay in mind the wants for your business and what data is to be evaluated for professional use.

Also, the companies mentioned during this article, are the highest service providers who provide great analytical services.

Summarizing, we hope this text will assist you to select the proper Data Analytics service provider for your business.


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