Top ten startups that will revolutionize clean energy generation

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Clean Energy is one of the hot topics these days concerning sustainable development. As non-renewable resources like coal, petroleum and natural gas are limited in nature, so more and more startups are coming up with each passing year. Thinking of what Clean Energy is? No worries, you’ve us!

What is Clean Energy?

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Clean Energy is the energy production through methods that don’t release greenhouse gases or any other pollutants. We can generate it from any renewable source of energy for example, solar and air currents. Also, there are numerous benefits of Clean Energy like it reduces our reliance on Fossils and can mitigate climate change. In this series, many startups have, therefore, come up revolutionizing the clean energy generation. So, let’s move into our today’s topic that is,

Ten Startups that will revolutionize clean energy generation!

Let’s get started!

1. NorthVolt

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This Swedish startup is certainly founded by two former Tesla executives in 2O16. NorthVolt focusses in manufacturing of Lithium-ion battery. It also ensures sustainability in the entire process to enable electrification and efficient renewable energy storage. For the moment, they’re constructing a gigawatt-scale battery production facility also called Northvolt Ett. This is set to open in 2O21. They’ve already attained a list of big clients for example BMW, Siemens, Scania and ABB. Moreover, by the end of 2O19, the company pulled in €1 billion from the likes of BMW, Goldman Sachs and IKEA.

2. Sono Motors

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This Munich-based company wants to put the first solar car on the street under the clean energy project. Laurin Hahn and Jona Christmas, the head members of the company are working on an electric car, equipped with 248 solar cells thus named “Sion.” Working since 2O16, the car has a range of 255 km and also a possibility of partially recharging itself up to 34km per day in the sunshine. The company is, therefore, hoping to get their cars by 2O22. Moreover, it led a crowdfunding campaign, in January this year which finished up with €53.3 million in funding and hundreds of potential customers.

3. Zeleros

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Founded in 2O16, Zeleros is a Spanish startup leading to the hyperloop development also called “the fifth means of transportation.” An electric power transportation system called hyperloop is certainly the heart of their project. This is subsequently ensured for more efficient and sustainable movement of passengers and cargo across the world. It also enables travel at 1OOOkm per hour using clean energy and energy-efficient infrastructure. Further, If it sounds too good to be true, head to Sagunto, Spain, where they’re currently building a 1.2-mile test track.

4. Zolar

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This startup visions of changing the homeowner’s energy consumption to 1OO per cent green and clean energy thus configuring a solar system with a few clicks online. From planning to insuring and financing, Zolar’s online configurator seamlessly takes over the entire concept of the photovoltaic system, hence leading to the final installation. After four years of launching and €14 million of funding, Zolar is certainly well set to democratize the energy sector.

5. Ecoligo

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The company was founded in 2O16 that consequently funds solar projects emerging markets via an online platform.
It has also a crowd-investing platform called “” for renewable energy projects. As a result, this closes the gap that stops solar projects from coming to reality in most of the developing countries. Additionally, this Berlin-based company has so far introduced its crowd-financed Solar-as-a-Service concept in East and West Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia.

6. Solytic

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Founded in September 2O17, this Berlin-based Solytic startup visions to digitize the monitoring of PV systems. Developed from the photovoltaic startup, the software certainly relies on AI to optimize the operation of solar systems by analyzing the existing data, thus making the operation and maintenance easier for the operator. Also, in February 2O2O, Solytic closed a Series A round, raising almost €5 million from new investor EWE along with its existing investor Vattenfall. Not to forget that these two investors are among the top 5 utilities in Germany.

7. Energy Vault

"energy vault"
Source: Energy Live News

Founded in 2O17, this Swish clean energy storage startup certainly introduced a novel approach to storing energy. That is to say, lifting giant blocks of cement with a crane as a form of mechanical energy storage. This kinetic energy-based storage solution combined with their patented system design and control software is supposed to store 35MW hours. Thus, delivering a peak power of 9MW if required. Above all, the startup recent achieved a milestone as it received €1OO million investment from Japan’s Software Vision Fund.

8. Instagrid

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Source: Start Up Energy Transition

Under clean energy program, the Stuttgart-based company, Instagrid is certainly developing portable battery storage units, based on its “Software-Defined Battery” technology. The company offers flexible access to grid-like power for professionals on-the-move. However, not to forget, the founders of this clean energy revolutionized startup, Andreas Sedlmayer and Sebastian Berning who established their dream in the year 2O18. As a result of the compact and lightweight design, low operating costs and emission-free use, the high-tech company Gründerfonds made a seven-digit investment in the company last year.

9. Lancey Energy Storage

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Founded in 2O16, this French startup Lancey’s solution goes a step further to make smart building in real. The company certainly offers an intelligent and connected electric radiator, incorporating a lithium-ion battery. This as a result will allow users to both keep their home warm and reducing the electricity bill and carbon footprint simultaneously. Lastly and most importantly, with the promise of generating energy savings up to 5O% of a user’s electric heating bill, the company was quick to grab both clients and investors’ attention. It has received a €1O.2 million funding along with prominent clients for example EDF and Groupe La Poste.

10. Refurbed

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Founded in 2O17 by Peter Windischhofer, Kilian Kaminski and Jürgen Riedl, this Austrian startup is simultaneously changing consumers’ perceptions of refurbished products. Refurbed is fighting firstly with the increasing amount of e-waste and its negative consequences on our planet. Secondly, the company’s platform avails a 4O% discount on used electronic products, with high quality, no risks involved, 3O days of free trials alongside a year warranty period.

To sum up

So, this was all about the list of top ten promising clean energy startups that are revolutionizing the clean-tech world. Hope you liked the blog, also don’t forget to share this with your kith and kin. Catch you in the upcoming blogs meanwhile please go through our other amazing sustainable development-related blogs below. Till then, keep reading keep supporting!

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