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Top Indian boxers that glorified the name of the country

Boxing is a wonderful profession. It involves aggression and passion. India is definitely a cricket enthusiast country but boxing is gaining momentum since the past century. Many are desiring to choose boxing as their profession. But only a few could glorify the name of the nation. The profession is so competitive that many good boxers never get the opportunity to get famous. If you are looking for inspiration you have come to the right place. So here is a list of boxers who set their footsteps in the field of boxing and made the country proud.

1. Mary Kom

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom an Indian boxer from Manipur, northeast region of India. She is one of the most fascinating athletes on the planet. It’s no surprise that she has already had a feature film made about her life: Kom’s story is remarkable.

Pic credits : Deccan herald

Born in a poor region of India, it looked likely that she would end up working the land with her family. six-times world champion, the only person to be qualified for seven world championships mary have indeed made the country proud. Mary Kom won bronze in Summer Olympics in 2012. Nicknamed as “magnificent mary” she is the only Indian female boxer to have selected for the 2012 Olympics games.

2. Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh Beniwal is among the top of the list of Indian Boxers who is currently the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight champion. His achievements in the amateur ranks are a 2008 Olympic bronze medal, a world championship bronze medal, and three commonwealth medals, two of which were silvers.

Pic credits : Youtube

In June 2015, Vijender Singh changed to professional boxing and signed a multi-year agreement with Queensberry Promotions through IOS Sports and Entertainment. He was thus out of the 2016 Olympics game. But he is still one of the greatest boxers in the country.

3. Laishram Sarita Devi

The life of a sportsperson is tough. But it is tougher if you are a woman. This is indeed true for Sarita Devi. In boxing circles, there have been rumors of Sarita not being given her due despite possessing a formidable medal tally. Sarita is a national champion and a former world champion in the lightweight category.

Pic credits : The Indian Express

She was conferred with the Arjuna award in 2009 for her outstanding achievements in the field of boxing and is among the top sportswomen in the country. She was a former world champion and four-time Asian champion boxer and spent more than 15 years inside the square ring. Turning professional in boxing in 2000, inspired by the achievements of Muhammad Ali, she secured many medals in many international competitions for India. 

4. Dingko Singh

Master Chief Petty Officer Dingko Singh is an Indian boxer. Dingko Singh went on winning the King’s Cup in 1997 in Bangkok and won the prestigious gold medal at the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok. Born in Manipur Dingkos childhood was troublesome and he grew up in an orphanage as his parents did not have enough money to raise him. The continuous fights in childhood unleashed his talent for boxing.

Pic credits : Wikipedia AP/PTI

He inspired many Indians to take up boxing as a career. He was given a job in the navy for his contribution to boxing. In 2013 he was awarded Padma Shree.

5. Hawa Singh

Captain Hawa Singh was hailed as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Hawa Singh used to dominate the Asian boxing circuit during his period.

Pic credits : KreedOn

He won the national championships winning it 11 times in a row from 1961 to 1972. After he quit the ring he opened the Bhiwani Boxing Club where he nurtured young boxers.

6. Devendro Singh

The Indian boxer from Imphal West district, Manipur who competes in the light-flyweight division. In 2013 Devendro won the silver medal at the Asian Confederation.

Pic credits : The Bridge

In the gut-gripping final of 2014 against Paddy Barnes, he won a silver medal. Devendro Singh represented India in the Rio Olympics 2016. He presently works as a boxing coach.

7. Mohammed Ali Qamar

The first Indian to win a gold medal in the discipline of boxing in the Commonwealth Games held in Manchester in 2002. He started his career in boxing at World Amateur Boxing Championship which was held in Houston in 1999.

Pic credits : Times of India

Qamar’s neighborhood of Kidderpore is called as ‘Hub of Women’s boxing’ in India.

8. Pradeep Singh Sihag

 As a professional boxer, he has in his cabinet the IPBO, PABA, OPBF & WBC Asian Middleweight championship titles. Pradeep has a professional record of 18 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw.

Pic credits : Sports keeda

He stands at 120 wins in amateur boxing. He is from the state of Haryana and has a family background associated with boxing. The entire family itself has made the country proud.


These sportspeople have definitely instilled passion and inspiration in the hearts of millions of people but there are so many who are still fighting to win a medal for the country.


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