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Deciding to work from home…still figuring out how to do it. Work from home is something that can be mastered quite easily with proper guidance. Here is a list of the top 10 must-read books before working remotely.

1. Remotely exceptional a playbook for companies and their remote workers.

   By Kelsey Yurek

If you are tired of your regular job, normal working hours here is a way to work remotely. Remote working is for anyone or everyone who is willing to try it. With a proper mindset and a positive attitude, remote work is the best key to all the office related pressures and unstable working conditions.

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This book is the best guide to analyze the personal experience of employees. In this book they assign remote work to their employers, thereby improving the conditions of the workplace and successfully improving their lives. The book clearly helps to mix between the remote and non-remote conditions, thereby improving production flexibility and aiming a collaborating between both the parties. When the remote works are in the desk jobs are already out!

2. Remote work

By Will Gant

Ever dreamed of traveling the world as a digital nomad, stressed out of the cubicle you work from, do you want to secure the freedom of your life here the best book which you can have to achieve all these things. Just like you, Will Gant wanted to work remotely. He faced many challenges and he won’t let that happen to you. He trades the secrets with you to so why waiting grab the book and avoid the long annoying commutes, save thousands of dollars, and increase your productivity in the remote working of your environment.

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You will learn exactly how to master working remotely, persuade your boss to allow you to work from home, expose every false myth that is associated with working remotely, and manage a clear work and life balance.

3. Deep Work

By Cal Newport

Cal Newport in his New York time bestseller takes his readers through a journey where he convinces them on how deep undistracted work with blistering intensity could make the most out of the finite time we as humans have. This book is apt for anyone who wants to work remotely, as the effectiveness of working remotely solely lies in how deep an individual can go with his or her work. If you want to know more about the online tools that are useful for working from home(slack, Trello….), check out our blog

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Cal explains how the greatest minds who have existed on planet earth achieved wonders by working deeply on their craft. This book is indeed a marvel and becomes ever more relevant post the lockdown period.

4. Have fun working remote: work from home transformation guide for everyone.

By Sheila Kennedy Ph.D.

Successfully creating work from remote methods for employers at all levels, even if you are a student, an intern, an employer this book is the best option that you can have before working remotely.

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Working remotely is not at all a new concept, you just have to address few things before you start, Miss Sheila brings you a vivid range of methods that you can use to work remotely, so just have fun and use this book to the maximum.

5. The art of working remotely: how to thrive in a distributed workplace

 By Scott Dawson

We are taught how to do our work but we are not taught where to do work and how to excel when you are working on your own. This book on remote working is just the perfect read if you want to succeed in remote working. The book is not a mere advice to the readers on how to efficiently work remotely but it is the 21-year experience of the author in the field. It features the behaviors and practices that’ll bring you success in a remote as well as distributed workplace.

 The simple language and inclusion of working tips coupled with its real-life implication make the book easy to follow.

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During this pandemic, the majority of the working population is confined to the four walls of their house trying to figure out a way to maximize their efficiency. In that sense, considering the present situation, we can say that the book is so ahead of its time. Although there were people who worked remotely before, the present situation calls the need for a book like this. Overall, this book is a must-read before working remotely.

6. Body by Science

By Dough Macguff and John Little:

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. This book helps in the nutrition aspect of a person who is going to shift from the traditional work culture of conveyance exercise eating healthy once in a while. Individuals who work remotely might develop the habit of snacking, for example, and this would negatively impact their health and consequently the productivity of the person.

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This book leads the reader through the scientific aspects of nutrition and how exercise should be done in the right way, which helps the individual in better managing their health and fitness. Therefore this is indeed among the must-read books before working remotely to maintain a healthy body.

7. Working from home: making the new normal work for you

By Karen Mangia

Even if you are living in a confined apartment setting up of a virtual meeting or time management can never be an issue, u can literally turn everything into a powerhouse with the help of this book.

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young minds and students who are finding it hard to adjust with this isolated world can make the remote working into a wonderful experience. You can claim your own space, create your own working environment, and make your career virtually vital without even footing steps into a real building.

8. The Year without Pants: and the Future of Work

By Scott Berkun

This Scot Berkun book is never a bad choice but surely not an easy one too. One who is looking for proven methods of changing the work environment and its implementations, won’t be disappointed.

The genuine story along with witty narrations and comedies makes the book lively and interesting. The author’s personal experience in the field can be felt in the writing and this gives the reader a motivation to implement the tips in real life. So this is among the top 10 must-read books before working remotely.

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Scot, being a former Microsoft manager compares and contrasts his working experience at One will be amazed by the working of while reading the book and it also helps us to view the entire working of an enterprise from a different angle. This is the best book you’ll get to read on leadership, productivity, and the factors of evolution of the enterprise.

It also shows how we can enjoy the work in a relaxed manner. It also shows how to increase productivity. The author’s open acceptance of the mistakes he did while working and his effective reactions and solutions were also appreciated by the readers and they also mentioned how funny and relatable the content is.

9. Stillness is the Key

 By Ryan Holiday

In his book, Ryan explores the ancient philosophy of stoicism and explains it as a practical philosophy which can be implemented into our day to day lives to release us from the clutches of anxiety.

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Stoicism can be used to experience a fulfilled life. Being still can do wonders for the human soul as it makes the individual live in the moment.  A person who is going to work remotely is going to have to adapt to the new situation of work and would need to put in long hours of work, to get things done.

10. Atomic Habits

 By James Clear

In this book, James talks about how starting small, slow, and steady in the endeavor to build habits would compound into a much bigger, stronger habit in the future. This is definitely one of the top 10 must-read books before working remotely.

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As the title suggests it’s about creating atomic habits. In the book, Clear talks about the 1 percent rule. Here individuals are told to improve 1 percent daily on an aspect of their life. The momentum that is gathered, builds into fresh concrete habits.


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