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Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur searching for software to deal with taxes? As you may know, in simple terms taxes are involuntary fees charged by the government to fund various expenditures of the government. Sometimes calculation of taxes can be a bit confusing and tedious job. But in this blog, we are helping you to discover some amazing software’s to deal with taxes. So now on dealing with taxes won’t be a problem at all.


The software Turbotax is one of the best software to deal with taxes. Micheal A developed TURBOTAX originally. It is one of the dominant market leaders in its product segment. Turbo tax is a software that is used for American income tax returns most importantly to deal with complicated financials like mortgage, self-employment income, educational expenses of kids, etc. One of the advantages of using this software is that you don’t need any previous experience of filling it.

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The software offers a simple question and answer format. The software mainly comes in 5 different ways. TurboTax assures the customers that, using their product will be ultimately safe. If any penalty arises they are willing to compensate with interest. But be aware of the upgrading of the software, a way of upselling.

2. H&R Block

Henry w Bloch and Richard Bloch founded the tax preparation company in 1955. H & R block is mainly situated in the united states, Canada and Australia. H &R block stands out among the other software because it enables the customers for the free filling of their taxpayers up to an income of $69000. However, you can fill both the federal tax return and state tax return freely irrespective of your income. The company provides online tax preparation and also electronic filing from their website.

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H&R Block is widespread all across the world with almost 12000 retailers. Most importantly H&R block is a part of the Free file alliance a group of commercial taxpayers and the IRS that offers free tax filing to low-income and moderate-income taxpayers.

3. TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer helps the customers to fill federal and state taxes online. The software offers a free tax return for specified customers. The free service is available to all us citizens and resident aliens with AGI $69000 or less and the customers of age 51 years or less. The Taxslayer site offers 100 percent accuracy, it can be trusted with maximum returns and expert tax advice.

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A doubt may arise whether Taxslayer can import w2 it must be noted that Taxslayer can import your W-2 and it includes features like prepare E- file and definitely the print feature. Most importantly Taxslayer is less expensive. Taxslayer Pro is mainly designed for mid-sized accounting firms. Definitely, TaxSlayer is one of the best software to deal with taxes as a freelancer.

4. TaxAct

TaxAct offers the customers to fill the federal and state tax returns through step by step procedures and guideline. It could be extremely helpful for first-time users. TaxAct is providing a completely free service for its active members and $0 for others. If you are aware of all the forms and schedules then keep in mind that TaxAct is always the better option. Independent contractors may find the self-employed option a little more valuable.

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Above all the customers can look up to the previous year filling of other customers so they could speed up their own data entry process. And Don’t worry if you ever got stuck in between because the site offers expert advice through emails, chat, or even phone.


The special feature of this site is that it works for freelancers as well as experienced tax filers. offers a question and answer type format for credit and finds deductions. If you are well experienced you could skip all these steps and jump to certain forms.

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For this site you just have to pay one flat fee it will cover everything until you submit your return. It must be noted that it is the best tax software for non-w -2 income. You can even file multiple state returns with no extra cost.

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