Top 10 World Famous Sportswomen In India

The disparity between male and female sportsperson is much in this era. The situation of female athletes in India is not very good. Struggling with the social stigmas, getting judged for what they wear, and how they will look never made their way any easier. Despite this, they have competed with males, continued to break barriers in sports, and have achieved a great name and became the top 10 world-famous sportswomen in India.

So here is a list of the top 10 world-famous sportswomen in India who are definitely game-changers and who set their footmarks high in the field by constant determination and hard work. These are the women in India who indeed made the country proud and become examples for all the young girls out there.


The 37year old six times world champion never ceases to amuse anyone. The only sportswomen in india to secure a medal in each of the seven world amateur sports championships. Despite coming from a very small region in the northeast, She made her journey remarkable. From persuading a local coach to teach her boxing and to get ranked by the AIBA as number one her journey definitely finds a place in each Indian’s heart.

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Nicknamed as “magnificent mary” she is the only Indian female boxer to have selected for the 2012 Olympics games. The government of Manipur has conferred her with the” meethoi leema” title which states that she is an exceptional lady, which indeed she is.


Unarguably P.V Sindhu is one of the prolific badminton players of the 21 century. she clearly made her way in the world badminton by becoming the first female sportswomen in India to secure a silver medal at the Olympics and a gold medal at BWF. Having made her debut in 2009 she rose to the position of rank 2 in 2017.

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Pusurla also made into the list of Forbes top highest-paid female athletes of the year 2018 and 2019. She has been awarded the nation’s third-highest civilian award Padma Bhushan. She is also the recipient of the fourth highest civilian award Padma Shri and the sporting honor Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.


Mithali Raj is the Captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. She is regarded as one of the greatest batswomen in the world. She has reached the milestone of world cricket by becoming the first Indian male or female batsman to lead the side to two 50 overworld cups. The only distinction she faces as an ODI captain is that she never got to hold the world cup in her hand. On Feb 1 2019 raj became the first woman to have played 200 ODI matches.

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In 2017 she received the “Wisden leading women cricketer of the world” award. Raj is the first Indian and the 5th in the world to score over 1000 ODI runs. Besides that, she is the current highest scorer in all formats. Nicknamed as the” lady Tendulkar of Indians women cricket”, she broke all the barriers as a woman and rose to the leading sportswomen in India. The government of India has conferred her with many awards including the Arjuna award in 2003 and Padma Shri in 2015.


The only Indian tennis player who broke into the top 30 rankings of WTA. Sania mirza has definitely made a remarkable contribution in the field of tennis. The former doubles number 1, Sania mirza is the first sportswomen in India to win a grand slam in any format. She altogether won six grand slam titles in her entire career.

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Sania’s double partnership with Martina Hingis is much praiseworthy. In 2015 and 2016 the partnership made them the best doubles player by winning 3 slams and 2 WTA finals.


The Indian female badminton player who made history by winning a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. The first-ever sportswomen in India to win an Olympic medal in tennis. In 2009 Indonesian open Saina Nehwal became the first and foremost Indian ever to win a BWF super series event. Finally, under the guidance of sir Pullella Gopichand, the 22-year-old Haryana girl without a doubt wrote a new chapter in the 2012 Olympics.

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In her, 12-year long badminton career Saina Nehwal has won over 24 international titles. Most importantly she won 11 Superseries titles. She is indeed a philanthropist and was ranked 18 of the list of most charitable athletes.


The first sportswomen in India to win a gold medal at the 2010 commonwealth games. The first Indian female to have qualified for the Olympics Geeta Phogat undoubtedly marked her steps in wrestling. nevertheless coming from a very orthodox background Geeta found her career in male-oriented sport. Her family was often criticized by the village members but she never lost her hope.

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Geeta won the first-ever gold medal at the 2010 commonwealth games held in New Delhi. She defeated Emily benstead from Australia to a five-point finish.


Regarded as the “queen of the Indian track and field”, Since 1979, P T Usha is always a part of Indian athletics. She was only a pebble away at winning the historic 1984 Los Angeles Olympic game. A second is just an insignificant amount of time in real life but if you ask Usha its not the case. She finished in the fourth place which was a heartbreaking moment for all the Indians.

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Usha was in tremendous form at the beginning of the games. Due to the lack of proper diet and restart, she admitted that she couldn’t sustain her energy in the last 35 meters. It was a heartbreaking moment for the nation but for her often being called the “Payyoli Express” it was the proudest moment of her sports career when she was just 20.


Shashi Malik is an Indian freestyle wrestler. The first Indian female to win a bronze medal at the 2016 summer Olympics. Shashi malik has obviously set an example for all the sportswomen in India. In 2014 malik has won a silver medal at the commonwealth games in Glasgow. In addition to that, she won a bronze medal at the 2015 Asian wrestling championship in which was held in Doha.

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Karnam Malleshwari is a retired Indian weightlifter. she is the first sportswoman in India to win a medal at Olympics. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she has lifted an altogether 240 kg. She then became the first Indian woman to get a bronze medal in Olympics.she is called an “iron lady” which without a doubt suits her. Karnam malleshawari married a fellow weight lifter and presently she runs a successful Karnam malleshwari foundation, weightlifting, and powerlifting academy. She indeed made the country proud by becoming the first among the top 10 world-famous sportswomen in India.

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Nicknamed Dhing express, the rising sensation of Assam Hima das is indeed a pride for India.she became the first Indian woman ever to win a gold medal at a track event in the international format at IAAF world under 20 championships. In July 2018 She broke the national record by finishing the 400 m race in just 51.46 seconds. In September 2018 she obtained the Arjuna award for her prominent work in the field of sports. At such a young age she inspired the young sportswomen in India out there.

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