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With rapid changes in the business world, remote working is emerging as a new fashionable topic. Also, the prevailing pandemic made us learn how to drive disasters into a window full of opportunities. According to the Buffer’s State of Remote Report in the year 2019, a vast percentage of remote workers (84%) choose to perform their work from home, despite the freedom allowed, to work from anywhere.

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Now, there comes numerous challenges to be faced by workforces when completing any task from the comfort of their home. Well along with the hardships, I believe the prime reason behind this striking hashtag of work from home is because you can achieve a good command over your work-life balance, further serves as a helping hand to boost up your productivity. Also, read How to become a successful work from home employee?

However, the same list from Buffer also mentions the most common struggles which every remote workman can relate to.

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As per the list, struggling to unplug yourself after work is cited the most common issue. I feel exasperated when some tasks become lengthy and start interfering with my me-time!

Secondly, communication and collaboration troubles to another extent when you’re working in a completely different location from your colleagues. Additionally, distraction at home also comes with higher losses. For this, I believe in arranging a strictly scheduled day.

So, these are the list of obstacles but no worries! We care for you than anyone else and therefore, are here with the appropriate solutions in the form of applications. I’m affirmatively sure about many of the listed apps you maybe already knowing. So, let’s get started towards the Top 10 amazingly needed tools when you are working from home:

1. Slack (connect and work from home) :

Credits: Asana

Slack is one of the best tools for working remotely that assist the teams to communicate, share ideas, comment in real-time, & more in one place managing remote employees effortlessly. Additionally, Slack channels are used for instant messaging & collaboration. It further provides completely native apps for iOS as well as Android that provide full functionality.

2. G Suite:

Credits: Medium

It is Google’s impressive suite of business tools that enables you to easily share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or other files with your remote teams. It includes Google Docs and Google Drive that are one of the most useful collaboration software for remote teams. Firstly, Google Docs enables you to make changes to each other’s written work or can add comments for modification. Secondly, Google Drive enables you to share large files such as high-resolution images & large video files in the cloud.

3. Krisp:

Credits: Medium

It is a noise-cancelling app that assists you as well as your teams more productive as it removes background noise of yours and your participants’ calls. It allows you to use this tool with any communication app such as Zoom, Slack.

4. Zoom (best video conferencing ;work from home app) :

Credits: Computerworld

It is one of the leading tools to hold remote meetings. Firstly, it allows you to have interactive video conferencing & get your remote team together for a meeting & share your screens with others. Secondly, it also provides full screen and gallery view, further allowing the annotation and co-annotation functionality. Moreover, the best part of this app is that it is built-in security measures like password protection.

5. Trello (must use tool for work from home) :

Credits: YouTube

It is another great tool for working remotely that assists in creating a dashboard that highlights large projects or categories & tasks related to them. Every small task (card) can be labelled with a coloured tag & text. In other words, it enables you to assign cards and deadlines to members of your team and track every card’s progress through its Activity area.

6. Basecamp:

Credits: Asia TechDaily

It is easy-to-use project management software that allows you to arrange your calendars, set meeting schedules, track assignments, and store documents. It also provides you to look after each thing happening on one organized dashboard.

7. DropBox:

Credits: 9to5Mac

It is another one of the best tools for working remotely which is used by millions of people that enables you to share large files. What you need to do is upload your file to your Dropbox account and then share access to it with your team members. Besides, you can use Dropbox Business to have better-organised team content and stored files. This can be done from other popular tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Office for remote workers who want additional functionality and extra storage space.

8. Zapier:

Credits: Zapier

Zapier is an excellent tool that helps you to integrate and work together to improve your productivity. It enables you to connect about 1,800 popular tools. Thus, it is simple automation for busy people. You can also move information between your web apps automatically & can focus on your most important work.

9. Hubstaff:

Credits: Hubstaff

It allows you to keep a track of where employees are spending their time and what tasks they are working on at a given time. It firstly includes online timesheets, secondly, employee scheduling, then, screen recording, monitoring of employee, payroll software, GPS tracking, online invoicing, and project budgeting, and many more.

10. Github:

Credits: CodeRomeos

This tool is best for web developers that enable teams to virtual participate in code review and the management of open source as well as private projects. It provides coders with a variety of tools that can assist them to do their jobs more efficiently from any place.

So, once you start following these tools, everything starts falling into the right place and you start to feel the best features of remote working.

The knock-on effects include less stress, time-saving , further boost confidence. In other words, you can have more time to call your own and build a stronger relationship with the folks you care about the most!

Hence if you’re thinking about joining any remote work from home services, these are the basic credentials you must know before anything else!


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