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“Top 10 Programming Languages And Its Demand in Market”

Programming languages are very much in demand in our job market. There are many programming languages so picking one is quite difficult. We have to take decision very wisely before picking up any programming language.

So, for a Newbie the toughest think in this programming world is to decide first of all the language he/she wants to opt and start his/her career.

Based on your career goals there are some list of programming languages that one should learn.

choice one programming language


Python is a language created by Guido Van Rossum and first launched in 1991. Its a very new and popular language that widely used by people now-a-days. Python supports many programming paradigms, such as structured, object oriented and functional programming. It is also famous because it has a large library.

multi tasking programming language python

2. Java Script

Java script is designed by Brendan Eich and it is first released in 1995. Its a multi paradigm language supports event-driven, imperative and functional language.

language used in node.js 'Java Script'

3. Java

Java is designed by James Gosling first appeared in 1995. earlier it was named as ‘oak’ and later java, basically it was designed for interactive television but at that time it was too advance for digital cable T.V industry. java is an object oriented language, sounds similar to java script but much different.

object oriented language 'java'

4. Swift

Swift is designed by Chris Lattner in 2010. So, we can say that it is a latest research in development of languages. It is a multi-paradigm, complied language developed by Apple.

So Apple lovers here is your platform.

swift programming language for Apple lovers

5. Scala

Scala is designed by Martin Odersky in 2004. So basically Scala is based on static system type an object oriented and functional language, very much similar to java.

Scala a language demanded in statistics
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C++ is designed by Bjarne Stroustrup first appeared in 1985. C++ is a general purpose programming language, and over time it modified so much now it has object-oriented, functional and generic features.

modified C++ language

7. R Programming

R language is designed by Ross Lhaka and Robert Gentleman it is first appeared in 1993. This language is very useful in statistical computation and data science. Its scope in future is very high and bright as an analyst.

Uses of R language
source: Data flair. training

8. Go Programming language

Go is a language designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson it is first appeared in 2009. It is a complied and statically typed programming language.

Go a programming language

9. Elm Programming language

Elm is a language designed by Evan Czaplicki, it is first appeared in 2012. It is a domain specific language, and purely functional language its main use is in static type checking.

static language Elm
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10. Ruby Programming language

Ruby is a language designed by Yukihiro Mastsumoto it is first appeared in 1995. it is an interpreted, high level and general purpose language.

recognizing the Upward Bright and Young.


As the world is moving towards artificial intelligence, people are more focused towards learning different languages as this is something new and interesting as well as high paying jobs and very much demanded in market.

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