The best 10 modern tools for knowledge management

Want to manage and preserve the company’s knowledge? The  “knowledge management tools” are going to rescue us from this quagmire.

In a world filled with information, it is very imperative to manage the information and put the information to good use. In most of the organization, the team works in silos, and sharing of the knowledge outside becomes imperative.

According to the survey, Fortune 500 companies roughly lose “$31.5 billion” a year by failing to share knowledge”.

By the way, having tons of knowledge and knowing what to do with it and two different things. Often, due to silos, the transfer of information does not happen. Hence, this leads to duplicate work, the inability to access the information, or delayed access to the information. Moreover, this may lead to inefficiency at the workplace,  at times dangerous outcomes.

The best 10 tools for Knowledge management

Knowledge management: Document 360
Picture source: Document 360

1. Document360 knowledge management tool

Document360  is the knowledge base software that helps you to create a self-service knowledge base for the customers and internal users (public or private knowledge base). More so, it is very important to have strong search capabilities in any knowledge management software. Hence, this software comes with a strong AI-powered real-time search. This helps end-users to find the solution to their problems immediately. Besides, it also comes with robust features like rich themes, built-in analytics, and enterprise-grade restore, backup, and versioning functionalities.

2. Knowmax knowledge management system

knowledge management: Knowmax
Picture source: Knowmax

Knowmax is an enterprise knowledge management system. Moreover, it provides 360-degree coverage through omnichannel communication. It has AI-powered search capabilities. The software uses cognitive decision trees.

3. Zendesk knowledge management

knowledge management:Zendesk
Picture source: Zendesk

Zendesk is an open, flexible, and extensible platform for knowledge management. It offers a solution to small, mid-size, and large companies. Furthermore, this software supports more than 30 languages. It is best used for

  • Help Desk
  • Customer Support
  • SaaS
  • Customer Community
  • Customer Service.

4. Liveagent knowledge management software

Knowledge management: Live agent
Picture source: Livagent

LiveAgent is a great knowledge base software. It gives you the option to create many stunning knowledge bases. Furthermore, the software is equipped with a powerful WYSIWYG editor that lets you create the following:- 

  • Articles
  •  Forums
  • Feedback & suggestion boxes
  • FAQs

The software is ideal for teams of all sizes and industries.

5. ProProfs

Picture source : Proprof

It is again an excellent knowledge management software. This software has multiple features. For example, this software helps in creating user-guides, knowledge bases, help sites, manuals, wikis, etc. More so, it can be used on many devices including the iPad, iPhone, Lumia, and Nexus, etc. It allows you to collaborate with the team members. It also creates public and private wikis.

6. Guru knowledge management tool

Knowledge management: Guru
Picture source: Guru

Guru is a cloud-based knowledge management tools based on AI and ML capabilities. Furthermore, the more you use Guru for the knowledge base, the better it gets. Due to it’s machine-learning, Guru will upgrade its performance with time as it learns every time it is in use. Also, this tool will give you regular reminders for updating your knowledge base through reports and analytics and will give you information about which knowledge base is in use, etc.

7. Confluence

Knowledge management: Confluence
Picture source: Confluence

It is a knowledge management tool from Atlassian. It is a multi-platform, cloud-based system. For example, it can run on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. Moreover, it is a great addition to the business toolkit, especially if the team already uses Jira and HipChat by Atlassian. It is very well integrated with those platforms. Moreover, this tool has a structured hierarchy and its own search engine to find work-related knowledge.


Knowledge management: Bit
Picture source:

Bit is the knowledge management tool that helps teams to collaborate, share, track, and manage all company knowledge in one place. Moreover, the tool has a smart editor and it also provides a common workplace for knowledge workers and experienced executives to collaborate with employees. For example, it can help share their knowledge, brainstorm ideas, store digital assets, and innovate together. Furthermore, with the ability to label content, users can search their digital assets using keywords, titles, descriptions, or tags. Their search can be also be based on YouTube.

9. Tettra

Picture source: Tettra

Tettra is a knowledge and content management tool for the ‘Slack users’.According to Tettra, most organizations are disorganized. The problems get multiplied as more people are added. It is designed with the slack team in mind. When someone asks you any query in Slack, you can pull the answer from Tettra without ever leaving Slack.

10. TallyFox Tallium

Picture source: TallyFox

TallyFox Tallium is a cloud-based knowledge management tool that connects users with knowledge experts. Furthermore, it creates knowledge libraries and works with people interested in the same topic as yours. Moreover, in this tool, people and content are ranked to make it easy to find peers and validated content. Personal experience and the quality of contributions are visualized to recognize the value. 


In summary, there are multiple kinds of knowledge management tool fulfilling the different needs of the organizations irrespective of the size of the organizations. Above is the list of the few famous knowledge management software so please try them out and then decide on the software which suits the business.

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