Technology Trends emerging Post Pandemic and its impact on workplaces?

Technology : Post Pandemic

With the upsurge in ceaseless cases of Covid-19, many nations put forth a series of lockdown to avoid further spread of the infection.
India also had a solitary shutdown of nearly 2.5 months before the unlock events. This article discusses the post-pandemic technology trends that were observed throughout the world. Slothful minds were activated by luring various opportunities. This include — Work from home, online education and virtual courses with certifications, etc. At this time, virtual meetings and presentations with apps like Zoom and MS Teams re-operated all the indolent minds.

Credits: TERI

According to the latest report by JLL, 66% of hired hands were fetched immediately to remote working mode after the outbreak of the pandemic. Consequently, 3O% of the total population confessed about the benefits of work from home including the higher opportunities to make a balance between work and life. While 41% of the latter population missed the in-office ambience.

JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management.  CREDITS: JLL India

Therefore, after the unlock and lax sequence, it’s supposed to have a new face of India in the upcoming years with numerous changes in the working system.

1. Modifications in the in-office design setup technology – Post pandemic:

Credits: Christian Science Monitor

Firstly, every company must keep the rule of social distancing at its fingertips. Secondly, it should be mandatory to use sanitation machines at the entrance and protective covers and masks inside the office. For instance, a panel of specialised space planners, architects and designers are collectively working on creating a new setup with advanced technology, a step ahead to sustainable development in the workplace.

2. Modifications in technology: Post pandemic

Credit: People Matters

Besides the above physical alterations, a change in technology is the need of the time. You need an amended system to assure your customers and employees, of better working experience after this pandemic. Thus, technology will serve as the heart of the companies.

One may infer advancement in Artificial Intelligence, whereas, IoT and Machine Learning would be considered a helping hand in the upcoming business, post-COVID. From online exams to business marketing, AI has therefore infused everywhere. After that, several Cloud providers like Google and Microsoft are pouring investment into it with the rise in demand.

Also, due to a slower economy these days, companies are losing customer satisfaction hence a conversational AI bot can readily resolve any queries, thus gaining back the number of buyers.

(a) Demand for Digital Workers:

Credits: AI Global Media

Similarly, there are ways in which evolving technology will become a part of today’s “normal” world. It is commendable how in the upcoming years, more companies will incorporate digital workers into their workspace. To clarify, a digital worker comprises nothing but the use of technology – AI, robots, augmented reality, etc. However, we must clarify one thing, these tech devices won’t replace humans, rather just aid them.

Meanwhile, after the embrace of more digital workers, the low -value task of the companies will be increasingly automated. The more increasing this task automation, the more vacant time will be there for the workers to emphasize on high – value tasks.

Adding to the above statement, digital workers can also enhance human capabilities. The employees will then be able to leverage valuable tools and resources in the best way. Besides, ensured learnability will also add up to the boon list.

Jensen Huang on AI and Machine Learning ; Credits: University of Toronto

“Intelligent gadgets that can master, interpret and communicate with humans are no more a part of science fiction with the advancement in the most powerful technology of Artificial Intelligence”.


(b) Demand for Always Connected PCs (ACPCs) and Drones along with other technologies, Post Pandemic:

Always Connected PCs rising high in demand; Credits: RF Page

This virus crisis has done nothing good but let us know how the government is tracing contacts with the use of apps with APIs from Google and Apple. So, these techno apps can be used more fruitfully by many countries, post-COVID.

Although connected cars might not have been the priority during the pandemic, car companies are leaving no stone unturned by moving the technology forward. Recently, in August, Mercedes and NVIDIA declared a partnership that would name NVIDIA computers in cars by the end of 2O24. However, this is only one example, Tesla – comprising another big hold in emerging technologies.


Summing up, with the wise words by Indian prime minister:

“We must translate disaster into a window full of opportunities!”

Indian PM, Narendra Modi

Hence, this pandemic has created a better us and better technological advances that can further be utilized by companies to take a stand from the flock.
Aspirations for more advanced technology in use!

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