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“Reasons Recession Ensue, And Top 10 Documentaries For Recession”.

What is a Recession?

In economics recession means a condition where the GDP rate started declining sharply consecutively for two or more Quarters, or in simple word a condition where we see less demand in the market, due to which we less jobs in market.

image of Effects of recession

Reasons For Recession:

  • Higher Interest Rates
  • Fall in house prices/assets
  • Fall in confidence
  • Credit Crunch
  • Rising oil prices

Top 10 Documentary For Recession

1.Capitalism: A Love Story

In 2009 a famous director Michael Moore directed a documentary film based on financial crises and its retrieval. The story deals with the condition of the poor and the rich, mainly about the greed of the rich and the devastating conditions of the poor. The film also covered a religious matters, It also covered the poverty level of the workers at that time, and lastly he concluded the film by supporting free Market.

capitalism : A love story  a recession of America

2. Poor No More

This documentary film is directed by a Canadian filmmakers named Bert Deveaux and Suzanne Babin. The story is based on the financial crises in Canada in 2010, The film compares the standard of living in Canada with the Swedes and Irish, also highlighted the need of better services concerning unemployment insurance, health services, pensions and safety ETC in Canada.

Poor No More story of recession in Canada

3. Maybe I Should Have

This documentary deals with the financial crises in Iceland during 2008-2012, directed by Gunnar Sigurosson, the story focused on variety of subjects like finance, corruption, Nepotism and the privatization ETC.

Maybe I Should Have a story of recession in Iceland

4. Heist

Heist directed by Donald Goldmacher and Frances Causey in 2011, This story showed how American Corporates pull apart the middle category by favoring businesses and the well off.

Heist: Who Stole The American Dream a recession story in America

5. Inside Job(recession 2010)

An American film directed by Charles Ferguson, in 2010 . This film mainly talked about the Systemic corruption in united states and showed how the policies created millions of job and home losses which created a huge recession.

Inside Job(2010) is a recession story in America

6. The Recess Ends

This documentary film is directed by Austin and Brian Chu, the film mainly deals about the recession of 2008-09 and talked about the effect of recession on people and communities they covered the film in all 50 states of America to show the miserable conditions of the people due to recession.

The Recess Ends a documentary film pictured in America


In 2009 a documentary film directed by James Allen Smith, the story of the film is based upon the condition of people and business of the Chicago trading floors. The story highlighted the conditions of the people those who lost their jobs due to the electronic revolution.

Floored a recession story in Chicago

8.The End Of Poverty

This story is taken from a book written by a great author Jeffrey Sachs, here we see the miserable conditions of the poor people and the story mainly highlight that “if we have so much wealth and progress in this world than why we see so much poverty across the world”, A very strong message by the author.

The End Of Poverty economic recession

9. Debtocracy (Great Recession)

In 2011 a documentary film directed by Katerina Kitidi and Aris Chatzistefanou. The documentary stated about the Greek debt crises in 2010 and the problem was not not considered by the government at that time, and shows the crucial time faced by the people of Greek due to this recession.

Image of Debtocracy a great recession

10.Homme Less

In 2014 a documentary film directed by Thomas Wirthenson, This film is about a fashion photographer and model Mark Reay who had a lavish life but after having financial crises he had to spend his nights on streets and had to live a miserable life which he had never thought before he will ever face in his life.

image of Homme Less a financial crises


So these are the short stories which showed the harsh effect on people due to recession. In simple words a situation where people get less money for their work, and it creates higher unemployment. But the effect is longer than the exact time period.

A documentary picture is always a non-fictional motion film, which is always framed to give a strong advice to our society. so, generally these stories are real not always but most of the time.

The main purpose of these short films is to spread the real facts to the people and show them the exact effect on people who are facing them and their miserable life. so that people know the situation well and ready to face the problem if it would ever hit him/her in life.

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