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“India Top 10 Highest Rewarded Profession”

Honestly we all work hard in our schools and colleges to get our dream Job. we all are looking for a job that justifies our hard work and money plays the best role in choosing one’s profession.

first salary everyone's proud moment.

List of 10 Highest Rewarded Profession in India

1.Medical Professionals

Well the Medical field is a royal field, it is one of the toughest job. One should have a minimum M.B.B.S degree to enter in this field. The average salary varies according to one’s Knowledge and also the stream one is opting.

Average Pay:- 20lakh- 50lakh per annum

surgeons getting ready for their new operation.

2.Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are so much demand in developed countries, and trending in India. so first of all what is Blockchain developer? simply, their work is to create an application as well as to execute them.

Average Pay:- 20 lakh- 30 lakh per annum

Source: HourlyDeveopler

3.Data Scientist

Main work of a Data Scientist is to analyze data and categorize it into structured and unstructured data. well structured data includes products, services and electronic devices ETC. However, the unstructured data includes emails, social media posts ETC.

Average pay: 25lakh- 35lakh per annum

A data scientist structuring data.

4.Civil Services

Well the Civil Services exam is the toughest exam of India and the most reputed one, this not only provides one of the highest paid job but also provides the job security as well.

Average pay: 12lakh-24lakh per annum

The glory of civil servants

5. Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant covers area like tax management, Banking, auditing, and consultancy ETC. To be a CA one has to qualify a test conducted by (ICAI).

Average Pay: 15lakh-25lakh per annum

picture of a CA.

6. Investment Banker

So, basically an Investment Banker deals with the money like how to use the money to get a maximum return. In short its a big responsibility to manage money but adventurous too.

Market analyses by an investment banker

Average Pay: 15lakh-25lakh per annum

7. Lawyer

This comes under the third pillar of our constitution The Judiciary. The basic work of a lawyer is to provide his/her client justice before the law. and also give his/her clients proper advice and details regarding their case.

Empowering women in law field

Average Pay: 14lakh-25lakh per annum

8.Teaching Profession

As from our ancient times the place of a teacher or ‘Guru’ is highly Honored, and this profession is also raising sharply these days. But the most important thing ” Teaching is a very novel profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual” said by APJ Abdul Kalam.

Average Pay: 20lakh-30lakh per annum

Learning with enjoyment.

9.IT and Software Engineer

Well an incredible increase in IT and Software career given a huge platform for the young generation. As the world is advancing we cannot imagine an ideal world without coders, programmers, software engineers and hackers ETC. This profession has no limit of growth just depending on person’s talent and skills.

Average Pay: 20lakh-35lakh per annum

Developing a software program.

10.Business Analyst

Well if you are more focused in finding solution and solving problems then this field is for you a very interesting field and lavish too. so, the main work of a business analyst is to provide a technical solution that can prove vital for any business.

Average Pay: 17lakh-24lakh per annum

Examining a business data.


Well these are the list of top 10 highest paid jobs and it is very clear from the above data that the salary of a person determine according to his/her experience and skill, because each and every field is equally amazing and challenging. so, choose your career according to your interest and exile in it.

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