Indian Movie Spoofs that will make you laugh hard in 2020

It feels like we are in lockdown for forever and are out of new topics to discuss with our friends. To help you start your next interesting discussion with your friends and family, we have curated a list of best Indian movie spoofs that will make you laugh hard. The best part is that they will make you laugh even if you haven’t watched the original movies.

So get your popcorn ready and binge watch our pick for the best movie spoofs on Youtube.

#1. Great Grand Masti Spoof

With 65+ million views, it is on top of our list.

#2. Run Movie Spoof with special Kaunwa biryani scene to make you laugh

It has more than 26 million views and some hilarious comments to checkout.

#3. CK movie spoof of PK

With 17M+ views, it has really made it to the top of the charts.

#4. Spoof of Dangal by Shudh Desi Endings

With 10M+ views and 100k likes this movie spoof will make you laugh hard.

#5. Spoof of Rajni’s Robot

A really nice short watch to uplift your mood.

#6. Old but gold, spoof of Krantiveer

Millenials will have to google to be up to date about this movie but we are sure if you had cable TV SetMax must have made you familiar with this movie :P.

#7. Dhoom 3 reimagined by Sudh Desi Endings

#8. Border Spoof for Sunny Deol Fans

With more than 3M+ views it is definitely a good watch for 90’s kids.

Though Hollywood movie we had to add this one to our list as the Indian touch makes this spoof a must watch

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Sources: YouTube

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