“I Will Tell You The Truth About Fast Fashion Brands In The Next 3 Minutes”

List of fast fashion brands to neglect: In the age of social media, it’s certainly too easy to seek out ourselves being influenced by our peers, also as celebrities and models. As a result of all this, there came the fast creation of latest trends, which appear in our favorite stores at lightning-quick speed. And, therefore, the clothes are so cheap to shop for, we frequently find ourselves wearing an item we love in every single color. But before heading ahead, let us have a quick snap of what fast fashion is. Fast fashion describes low-cost designs which are quickly transferred from the catwalk to outfitters.

Fast fashion brands in numbers
Source: Battered Women Support Services

Want to seek out out if your favorite clothing brand or store sells fast fashion?

Read on to seek out out more about the key culprits, here are the highest 8 fast fashion brands to avoid and why.

1. H&M (Among the most unexpected fast fashion brands)

H &M- Fast fashion brands

Did you recognize this stands for Hennes & Mauritz? No? Well, now you do!

This Swedish multinational company sells fashion products for adults and youngsters. With over 3,500 stores in 57 countries, this is, therefore, the second-biggest global clothing retailer.

Reasons to consider before buying from them

Their staff receive low wages – and therefore the company has also been accused of ‘copying models from high-end brands‘.

2. Zara

Zara fast fashion brands
Source: DW

This Spanish clothing retailer offers fast fashion products for adults and youngsters, as an example clothing, shoes, accessories, swimwear, perfume and wonder products. Additionally, they need over 2000 stores in almost 100 different countries. In 2017, they offered 20 clothing collections, with around 12,000 designs being sold annually.

Rumor has it that Zara only needs every week to style and produce a replacement product then catch on into stores.

The industry average? Six months.
That’s what we mean by fast fashion(brands).

Reasons to consider before buying from them

They’ve consequently been accused of subjecting workers in Brazil to slave-like working conditions.

3. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's secret
Source: Wikipedia

An American designer, creator and marketer of lingerie, women’s clothing and wonder items. This is certainly the most important retailer of lingerie within the USA.

Reasons to consider before buying from them

Too many to list. They include formaldehyde lawsuits, child labor, allegations of transphobia, harassment of their models…

4. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova- lingerie brand
Source: Facebook

This company is predicated within the heart of downtown l. a. . they need five retail locations in Southern California.

In 2018, they were certainly the amount 1 most-searched-for fashion brand on Google.

Also, much of their success comes right down to their strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Reasons to consider before buying from them

Meanwhile, the garments could be cheap, you get what you buy – the standard is extremely poor.

5. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty little things- fast fashion brands
Source: Pretty Little Things

Owned by Boohoo Group, this UK-based fashion brand is aimed toward 14-24-year-old women. Their main headquarters are in Manchester, the UK, however, they need offices in London and l. a. too.

Reasons to consider before buying from them

Earlier in 2019, they were certainly accused of removing labels from cheaper branded clothing and re-selling as their own – for double the worth. They also seem to ‘recycle’ ranges when it involves celebrity-endorsed lines.

6. Shein (Another big player among fast fashion brands)

Source: EuroNews

Shein is an online retailer offering clothing, beauty products and accessories for all genres. They also offer a plus-size range.

Reasons to consider before buying from them

Likewise, other companies, they take images from high-end fashion retailers. Then they struggle to breed these things as cheaply as possible. But what you finish up receiving rarely looks anything just like the picture you saw on the web site.

Needless to mention, they’ve, thus, found themselves during a lot of trouble for infringement of copyright and reproducing photos of influencers and celebrities without permission. Watch this video.

Oh, and too positively don’t give much care about their impact on animals and our world.

7. GAP

GAP Fast fashion brands
Source: Insider Hook

Having headquarters in San Francisco, this American worldwide retailer for clothing and accessories with headquarters in San Francisco.

GAP has over 3500 stores worldwide, with around 2400 within the US alone.

Reasons to consider before buying from them

They’ve had quite their justifiable share of labor controversies.

  • During May 2006, employees of 1 of GAP’s suppliers revealed that they had been working over 100 hours per week and that they hadn’t been purchased six months. Some staff even then accused the management of sexual misconduct.
  • By May 2018, GAP had ended their account with this supplier (Western Factory).

8. Mango

Mango fast fashion brands
Source: The Economic Times

This brand offers women’s, men’s and youngsters clothing collections. Their biggest market is in Spain, however, Istanbul in Turkey has the very best number of Mango stores.

Reasons to consider before buying from them

In 2013, an eight-story commercial building in Bangladesh collapsed. It housed several garment factories, shops and a bank, employing about 5000 people. The collapse then led to the death of over 1000 people and leftover 2400 injured.

Out of the 29 brands which were identified as using products from the factories, only 9 attended meetings to agree with compensation for the victims. However, Mango wasn’t one among them!

To sum up about fast fashion brands

So, trying to find ways to avoid fast fashion?? Follow our some of the worthy tips:

Moreover, tell us within the comment section below if we missed your favorite “slow” fashion brands!

Keep reading, keep supporting!

(Note: All suggestions made here is completely based on the research and references of the other sites and are only views. It has nothing to with the blogging platform)

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