“Top 4 Attractive Technological Evolution In The Medical Field!”

Technology is metamorphosing the viewer’s vision day by day. From toys of our childhood to desktop presentations of our office meeting, the need for advancement in technology is increasing. The Healthcare sector is not any exception. This article discusses the top 4 technological evolution in the healthcare sector that you must know.

Even the doctors and paramedics are flabbergasted how decades ago the process of disease treatment was as compared to the new advancing technological one!
From the contrivance of Electrocardiograph or dialytic machines to innovative and advanced cancer therapies, everything has a new face. It has saved time and efforts to utilize in a better way.

“Modern Technology and Innovations are modernizing the countryside areas of the nation”, said Dr Harshvardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare of India.

This is our pick for the top 4 Attractive Technological Evolution In The Medical Field as mentioned below:

1. Smart Bluetooth Inhalers:

Credits: Medgadget

About 300 million people worldwide and 1.3 million patients in India suffers from asthma annually. From research, a matter of astonishment came as more than 91% sufferers don’t even use inhalers properly.
Taking this under consideration, there occurred innovation of Bluetooth linked Smart Inhalers. It works by recording a proper date and time of the inhaler used as doses secondly, if it was correctly administered or not. To regulate better health condition, this record is saved and then send to the patient’s smartphone. Consequently, it’s believed that these smart tech-inhalers give the patients fewer medications and more reassurance days. That is why it has made to the top of our list of technological evolution.

2. Robotic Surgery (Time Saving Technological Evolution):

It is observable this type of nonhuman operations provide less risk of infection and blood loss. The level of surgery is more precise and flexible. The best part of it is that with the advancement in technology, it has become possible for the operating team to operate and view auxiliary information about the patient in real-time while conducting the surgery. The success rate of these surgeries lies in between 94-100% . A minimal to zero difference lied between both the operating services. A plus point is that the robotic surgery allows much less time of recovery as little as two to three weeks while the traditional one can have a long recovery upto several months.

3. Health Wearables:

Young physician wearing white coat explaining to senior patients how to use the mobile application in order to control heart rate while having a consultation at office.
Credits: Trapollo

Not every time your doc can assist you about your minute elevation in blood pressure or how many minimum steps should be walked by you in a day to be fit. However, a smart health wearable can! Using these smart wearable, you can indulge yourself in a proactive healthcare system. Devices like Biosensors are catching the public’s eyes as they can monitor your heart rate and respiratory rate. Other diabetic specific wearables are also in demand as it keeps a track of your body glucose levels and let you know through e- reports even a slight elevation or depression. These wearable firstly regulate body temperature secondly improves posture further records the electrocardiogram of the wearer. It is definitely one of the inexpensive technological evolutions of this century.

4. Electronic Health Records, EHR:

Credits: Medical Device Network

Do you also panic when any of your medical records and reports aren’t on their appropriate place? Aah, no worries! With this advanced Electronic Health Records, firstly, you can easily manage all your health reports along with a scheduled appointment with the docs. Further it is accessible from any device at any time. For the practitioners, it has special benefits of –

  • Firstly, smart patient workflows,
  • Secondly, easy patient scheduling,
  • In addition, provide templates for similar cases in different patients,
  • quick recording of clinical cases; thus saving time for operating more number of patients.

Check out this list of top 10 EHR systems.

To sum up, technology seems a magic in the medical field. Therefore, quoting a common saying

“Laugh as much as possible because it can be your cheapest medicine for your expanded longevity”.

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