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Great Digital Marketing Tools For A Digital Marketer

One of the many reasons why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing is because it is easily traceable with the help of the right tools. It is easy to find out which add did well, who all saw the post, who became prospect and ultimately who was converted to clients. In contrast, You are never really are sure about traditional marketing though which is through billboard, tv, magazines etc. On top of that, it is very budget-friendly with great organic reaches such as from social media and SEO you can do wonders in terms of traffic.

Digital Marketing Tools By Categories

SEO Marketing Tools


BuzzSumo lets you see which content is being shared and finds you authoritative sources for that content. Great for researching competitors as per content.

 Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

This tool helps you in identifying issues like broken links and issues which goes ahead in helping you rank higher in search engine.

 URL Builder for GA

The builder helps you add tracking information to your links, campaigns or content, making it easy to analyze your data in GA.

Marketing Analytics Tools

Track, analyse and optimize your digital presence. Get to know what works and across what channel? Eventually, through proper data planning make your future strategy to capture the same results. Find out how exactly are you tracking the organic traffic, which keyword to use to focus only on the tactics that provide the best return on investment (ROI).

Source: NeilPatel; Google Analytics Dashboard

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are used to create, report, send, optimize, and test on email campaigns. It provides with smart recommendations to optimize your efforts providing you with the valuable audience. They help you automate your emails at crucial steps of the buyer’s journey, to send out order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, welcome emails etc.

Ecommerce Marketing Tools

Shopify Dashboard (tools)



Source: Startupstash; Shopify dashboard

Marketing Automation Tools

They help capture leads, build rapport, and move prospects through the sales funnel to customers at scale. It has various functionalities: email, web marketing, analytics, social media, and multi-channel marketing. It’s a perfect method to take customer data and develop marketing strategies and tactics that work across different channels. It certainly makes sure not to turn a brand into a robot. Simply by building rapport with prospects across different channels and provides them with a consistent good experience despite their differing interests.

Marketing Reporting Tools

They create reports easily for several clients with different KPIs. The idea is to spend less time gathering data and creating reports on spending more time on more important work. For example, building high performing campaigns.

Databox Dashboard (tools)



Source: databox; Databox dashboard

Digital Advertising Tools

These tools help advertisers manage ads through a variety of ad channels (video, social, search).

Criteo Dashboard



Source: Criteo

Social Media Analytics Tools

The trick to winning Social media is knowing your audience.

  • Find – use the tool to search for bio and compare accounts.
  • Analyse – segregate followers list by bio, location who they follow and many other criteria.
  • Optimize – match strategy to gain and lose followers, to understand better the type of content will perform best.

Social Media tools allow you to schedule social media posts in advance thus saving loads of manual time for more than 30 platforms. They assist with engagements, identifies influencers for the marketing team and leads for the sales team. Reply to comments and mention through the dashboards no need to visit each individual platform through pre-written responses.


Design is a key element of digital marketing especially when it comes to creating ads and content like social media posts and blog posts.

Canva dashboard


Source: hubspot; Canva

Website Testing Tools

These tools helps In testing and optimizing your site.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

The concept of affiliate marketing is to allow others to sell products on your behalf by becoming affiliates. In turn, all you have to do is pay them a percentage of every sale that they generate. It is effective because people tend to rely better on their friends than brands.

CJ Affiliate


Source: Techcrunch; Viglink


As a marketer, most of your time will be devoted to digital marketing activities. And someone investing so much time online should not consider twice to go for strategic tools to incorporate their marketing campaigns.

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