Basic punches of boxing

Fundamental punches in boxing: a guide for beginners

Boxing is indeed a great workout. You will get to sweat, train your body, and punch out all the bad feelings that you may have. In boxing, there are four basic punches. In this blog, you will get to know more about the punches. Remember these are for a right-handed or an orthodox boxer. If you are left-handed it’s just the opposite.

Before you learn about the punches first keep your stance right. It’s important to remember to come back into that same stance, so your hands are always protecting your face. Remember these are just the basic punches. If you want to learn them professionally learn under a certified boxing trainer.

1. Jab

This is the beginner punch. It’s also referred to as “one” when calling out combinations. It is the beginning punch that you will start practicing in every boxing class.

  • Start during a boxer stance, hands close to your nose. Your back heel ought to be slightly raised off from the ground
  • Keep your hips in place as you punch your left hand straight out. As you punch, twist the knuckles of your hand so that when your arm is extended, your fingertips face the ground.
  • keep your right hand in a fist, tucked, and at the ready.
  • Remember to return your left hand to the starting position.

2. Cross

Cross (aka straight) typically is a long shot with the dominant hand designed to find a target from further distance compared to the Jab. The fundamentals of a jab and cross are almost the same. In cross always keep the following things in mind

  • Always keep your guard up. This is more important when there is no follow up punch
  • Don’t forget to Fully Extend Your Arm to get the maximum power
  •  The power of the cross is mainly divided from your rear foot to your lead foot. You do this by pivoting your rear foot, rotating your body, bending your knees, and leaning forward very slightly.keep in mind to do all this exactly which doing the cross punch.
  • Remember to Rotate Your Fist just before you hit the target
  • Spin or pivot Your Rear Foot at the same time when you are throwing the cross punch.  
  • Acquire the high power from your cross punch by either rotating your body anti-clockwise (orthodox) or clockwise (southpaw).
  •  Don’t forget to bend your knees as you throw the punch. The main aim of this is to acquire more power and also to maintain balance while throwing the punch
  • always keep Your Body Aligned to Your Opponent
  • Don’t forget to bring your hand back to the original position otherwise you may be countered
  • Dip Your Head to the Outside: This is not an essential step but it could increase the power for several reasons.

3. Hook ( Left and right hook)

A hook is one of the powerful punches in boxing. A hook can be aimed at the jaw, and for body shots, particularly to the liver. It’s performed by turning the core muscles and back, thereby swinging the arm, that is bent at an angle close to or at ninety degrees, in an exceedingly horizontal arc into the opponent The main target area of the punch is the side of the opponent’s head. The boxer’s elbow must be in line behind the fist for effective power. The other hand is tucked firmly against the jaw to protect the chin. Upon contact, the hook’s circular path ends abruptly, with the punching hand being pulled quickly back into the guard position.

4. Uppercut ( right and left uppercut )

The uppercut is a power punch that is aimed from the waist upwards thrown below the opponent’s chin or the solar plexus area of the body, a vertical rising punch that travels from the outside of the body into the center in an upward motion towards the opponent’s chin. In a strategic way, the uppercut technically lifts the opponent’s body, setting them off-balance for successive attacks. There are different ways in which an uppercut be thrown


In this blog, we have mainly discussed the four punches that are thrown in professional and amateur boxing. Several combinations can arise from these punches. Keep practicing these punches and try to make different combinations out of it. It’s important to avoid injury while practicing these workouts.


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