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Digiteer! How To Become A Digital Marketer From Scratch?

What is Digiteer?

The global digital marketing software market size is approximately $43.8 Billion as of 2019 and is expected to grow by 17.4% between 2020 and 2027. In simpler terms a lot of competition! But if we look at the crux of a brand let’s say Google, there’s an amount of conscience and a soul that truly builds a business. The term Digiteer is a combination of ‘Digi’ which means Digital and ‘teer’ which is an entity. Combine them – “A Digiteer – ‘digital marketeer’, promoting brands through the latest digital and social media platforms.” The presence of an entity in a business is what makes it way more personal and relatable.

But who exactly is a digital marketer and how to become one being an absolute beginner?



That’s an endless stream of new markets that you can target through social media. It is proof of how important digital marketing is for businesses worldwide.

What is Digital Marketing?

The fundamental motive of marketing is to connect with your audience at the right time and the right place. Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for marketing, that exists online. To be specific, all the marketing strategies revolve around an electronic device or the internet. The digital channels, such as social media, websites, email, and search engines, are used to engage current and prospective customers.

Digiteer ‘s Responsibilities.

Best Digiteer will have a clear vision of how marketing campaign supports its broad business goals.

Digital Marketing is based on automation and SEO. Marketers are responsible to drive brand awareness and lead generation through various digital channels. Usually focusing on a wide range of key performance indicators or KPI’S for different channels. For example, SEO marketer measures their websites organic traffic. The traffic that is coming from visitors who discovered your website from a google search.

In small companies or startups, one marketing generalist might be responsible for many digital marketing tactics.

In commercial content, the sole purpose of marketing is to drive the growth agenda of an enterprise by satisfying customer requirements. The most widely understood application of marketing is where a business sells products, services or experience to consumers. It is often referred to as B2C marketing; business to consumer marketing. Marketing between organizations is called B2B, and Marketing between consumers is C2C like e-bay.

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

Strategies of Digital Marketing
Source: Just Creative

Skills Required

8 Easy Steps To Become a Digiteer!

There are around 12000 job openings on indeed and 15000+ on LinkedIn with the keyword “Digital marketing” in just India. In larger companies, the tactics mentioned above have multiple specialists, each focusing on 1 or 2 of the brand’s digital channels. Whereas in Smaller companies you wear a lot of many hats.

Step 1: Start Your Own Website

To build a website, find a great hosting company that is fast & reliable BluehostInMotionMilesWeb or HostGator. Use a completely free site, Blogger, WordPress.comm or Wix (Comparison). For (you pay for your own domain), select a URL, start with a free theme & plugins and then maybe upgrade. Then, learn the basics of SEO to get traffic. You could use a free SEO plugin from Yoast or get premium SEO tool.

Start writing about random trending technologies or about trending content or whatever keeps you motivated. Improve your writing and find ways to keep improving, one blog at a time. Next, Write about the topics and ideas under the digital marketing umbrella, strengthening your understanding. The Protege Effect- Teaching to Learn.

Pro Bloggers Tip – Traffic of 100,000 or More Monthly

Write about trending content with lesser competition. The sole purpose of the blog is to keep evidence of your knowledge and build a portfolio for you to build connections. It should be proof that you know the stuff you are writing and care to learn more. In the beginning, your sole purpose should be to retain whatever traffic you are getting. Eventually making sure that the content has something in it for the consumer. Make sure that it is 10x times more appealing than the competitors from whom you took references.

Step 2: Explore

Start exploring other aspects of digital marketing which will drive traffic to your website. Analyze the visiting customer’s persona, and optimize the content. Eventually, start setting a budget to add more tools (paid or unpaid). Who knows maybe you will start getting gigs too.

Key Skills To Focus On

Writing Articles
Writing Title Tags and/or Meta Descriptions
Crafting Sales Copy
Creating Social Media Posts
Performing Keyword Research
Designing Imagery and/or Infographics
Analytics Data
Writing Text for PPC Ads
Designing Emails
And many more

Step 3: Get a Real Internship (Startups/ Marketing Agencies)

Probably the most crucial step if you have recently graduated. In an industry which is solely responsible for building communities online. Teamwork is necessary!

You can approach:

Startups: probably the best option to figure out your niche while getting a wide range of experience and responsibilities. They, on the other hand, are very helpful too.
Marketing agencies: another great option in terms of exposure though you will be working on one specific skill, but, you will gain exposure in different industries, different domains and across multiple business models.
Growth hacking agencies

Step 4: Find a Mentor

For any other walk of life, this will always help, sometimes people will themselves decide to be your mentors other times you could approach some. They share their experiences, answer your questions and might help you in taking the next step in your career.

As a Digiteer, you will be spending most of your time around developing communities online one way or the other. And it’s imperative to be actively involved in a like-minded community of professionals. Eventually, marking the importance of what you do and how it fits your long term goals.

Step 5: Attend a marketing event or conference (virtual or in-person)

The advantage of attending these events is to take advice from the best in the field. To get a feel of the direction in which the industry is heading. Moreover, enhancing your skillset and expand your knowledge of why, how, and what of digital marketing. You will come across speakers who are CEO’s, Directors, Vice Presidents, Founders, growth advisors. There’s a fair chance that you might not get the best from the events in terms of business or connections. However, You will have a lot many people to look up to by the end of it. Visit the links for upcoming conferences. Top Marketing Conferences, or Adobe Summit 2020.

Step 6: Build your business knowledge

Companies spend billions of dollars on advertising campaigns not just for marketing but to get results from the marketing. It could be regarded as the biggest challenge of this industry because 60% of marketers face pressure to prove ROI, meaning Digiteers are unable to show the impact of the work they do due to inefficient analytics.

This is where analytics come into play, Google Analytics is a great tool to start with, but, there are plenty of others too Matomo, Woopra, Facebook Analytics (platform-specific) etc.

Step 7: Get yourself a job

By this point, you will likely be experienced enough to know what, who and why of this industry. And, it depends on individual to individual how much of a sponge they are it could take months or years, and it doesn’t matter. If you wish to grow your experience as an individual gig full time fair enough, otherwise you could always start job hunting and manage both gigs simultaneously or whatever suits you.

The bottom line is you already have what you wanted a deep understanding of the field. You could even go ahead and get a college degree projecting the portfolio you have made as an added advantage in India or abroad.

Step 8: Keep Reading

Most importantly read a lot and be a part of the trend. This industry is evolving drastically which means you need to be on your toes by continuous learning and keeping up with the passing trends. Google is the most used search engine, currently owning 90% of the market, it as a matter of fact keeps updating its algorithms every year. This is the major reason behind the dramatic changes in the search landscapes. Also, there are various challenges which are coming upfront every year. One of the major challenges is that Google wants to be a destination for most searches rather than just a search engine.

Most latest Google update:

Google Photos will end free unlimited storage from June 2021. Read more about upcoming digital marketing trends in 2021

Future predictions of digital marketing
Source: Pinterest

The Best Entry-Level and Junior Digital Marketing Jobs with Average Salaries- Glassdoor


Here is list of blogs that could really help:

Also, Feel free to connect with us, we are everywhere and very responsive LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest we might help you get started and then maybe down the line you could assist us!

Also, we will be covering a few more blogs on Digital Marketing, Best Courses, Best Tools, How Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for marketing, Color sense in Marketing, How to use WordPress, Monetizing traffic and more. We would also love to hear back from you if you have something to add in this blog that might have been overlooked or if there’s something that could have been written differently.

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