“Find The Best Five Inspirational Bollywood Movies On Netflix”

Inspirational bollywood movies on Netflix

Say whatever you want about Bollywood movies, but I bet all of you have fallen prey to the charms for at least once at some point of time. The spell of the industry is spreading far beyond the overseas, with a majority of honest fans sprouting in almost every corner of the globe. And why not? Soothing soundtracks aligned chronologically with the storyline, kaleidoscopic cinematography among others are the prime features making Bollywood films one of a kind.

"Best inspiring Bollywood movies on Netflix"
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So, we’re here to provide you an awesome playlist of the most loved movies on the most loved online streaming platform. Yes, of course we’re talking about Netflix! Besides stellar entertainment contents and other, Netflix has consequently built up a robust repository of the best Indian cinema. So, get ready to find the best five inspirational Bollywood movies on Netflix of all the time.

1. Dangal

IMDb rating: 8.5/10


Daya Kaur: But wrestling is only for boys.

Mahavir Singh Phogat: You think our girls are any lesser than boys?

Mahavir Singh Phogat: All along, I was desperate for a son so he could win a gold in wrestling for India. But what didn’t occur to me was that gold is gold. Whether won by a boy or a girl.

Based on a real-life patriotic fighter, the movie certainly gives true goosebumps each time you watch it. Consequently, the film begins with a crochy brawl between Mahavir (Aamir Khan) and his colleague who was also former wrestler, thus embalming the terrific Dangal Theme, discovering Mahavir’s past life of a Wrestler. The latter admires to fulfill his dream with the help of his sons, however, on contrary, four daughters take birth. Soon after some incidents, he realises his daughters are no less than any male wrestler and so, he starts training Gita and Babita as a professional wrestler. Then, after a long struggle, the two daughters glorified themselves in the Commonwealth games in the face of societal oppression. The movie is par excellent, enridging the Women Empowerment in the Nation.

2. Queen

IMDb rating: 8.3


Rani: [Drunk and Crying] My condition is like Gupta Uncle. He had cancer but never smoked cigarettes or consumed alcohol. It would be better if he did.

Although Kangana Ranaut is a fine actress, even then she could find it hard to best her performance in Queen. The movie is therefore, about growing up and discovering one’s worth. Rani (Kangana) is a Delhiite girl from a conservative family who is ditched by her fiancé just before her wedding. Then, a desolated and shattered Rani decides to go on her planned honeymoon alone. In due course of travelling the world, she meets new people, gain experiences and also discovers her own identity. The moment of getting over her past and eventually getting over herself is so pacifying and ultimate to binge on!

3. Pink

IMDb rating: 8.1


Deepak Sehgal: ‘No’ means no and when someone says No, you stop.

Minal, Falak and Andrea are three independent girls sharing an apartment and living happily. One evening, after attending a rock show, the trio go for a dinner party at a resort along with some male friends. To whom they met in the concert through a common friend Vishwa. This party is misinterpreted by the boys as a sign and Rajveer consequently tries to force himself on Minal. Minal, in an act of self-defense, hits the culprit, grievously injuring him in response to which he files an attempted murder case against them. After that, the movie shows the legal battle of Minal and her friends to prove her innocence. Thus, the movie portrays the perception of Indian society towards women who don’t come at par to those false societal standards of culture and morality.

4. Shahid

IMDb rating: 8.3


Shahid: Sir, delaying justice is denying justice.

Shahid traces the true story of slain human rights activist and lawyer Shahid Azmi. From attempting to become a terrorist to being wrongly imprisoned under a draconian anti-terrorism law to becoming a criminal lawyer Shahid consequently traces the inspiring personal journey of a boy. He subsequently became the messiah for human rights while following the rights of communal violence in India. The most inspiring testament to the human spirit is the struggling Muslims coming to terms with injustice, inequality and rising above his circumstances.

Watched this movie recently and i was simply too much impressed with its script, acting, and direction all were just too natural, real and perfect, hardly i realized in 150 minutes that i am watching a movie.

Tarek Rahman, one from the audience rated this movie a 10/10 with the above comment

5. Secret Superstar

IMDb rating: 8.1


Yai Kaise Life Ji Rahai Hai hum… Saans Lene Tak Ko Alowed Nahe Hai Humain.

Who said whom- Insia to her mother

Advait Chandan has definitely done a remarkable job on this movie. The movie portrays Zaira aka Insia who certainly dreams to be India’s most loved singer. Meher as a mother who loves her Insu more than anything else but is also helpless simultaneously. One of the most lovable character, Chintan aka Tirth Sharma portrays a friend who would go to any limits to help out the girl he adores. To sum up, this movie is all about a talented teenage singer-songwriter who lives amid domestic abuse and afraid of her ferocious father. She also becomes a YouTube sensation after a song video where she performed under her burkha, anonymously. From there, she follows her passion and ultimately proved that Everyone has the right to dream!

To sum up, this was all about our list of top five inspirational Bollywood movies on Netflix. Also, if you’ve missed any of these, we would highly recommend you to see ASAP. Catch you soon in other upcoming blogs, meanwhile keep reading keep supporting!

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