Reasons why Artificial Intelligence will create many career opportunities

Artificial Intelligence is expected to create more than 2 million career opportunities by the end of 2020. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook, in particular, are investing billions to hire AI talents from across the globe. Undoubtedly, AI careers are secured and will survive well in the future. By and large it will automate our current systems and create a pool of new trained jobs replacing redundant and repetitive jobs.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the imitation/ simulation of human intelligence by machines to execute tasks. That is to say, A machine taking actions to achieve goals.

What are the tasks of Artificial Intelligence?

Weak Tasks

They usually carry out just 1 particular job e.g. calculators, autocorrect, chess, personal assistants (Alexa or Siri). In fact, today they are inherent system functionalities.

Strong Tasks

Very complex and complicated e.g. autopilot, robot surgery involving human-like continuous learning, sensory, and reasoning. Consequently they adapt to a many approaches like statistics, psychology, computer science, language, and even more.

Artificial Intelligence revenue 2016-2025
Source: Tractica

The graph above, to sum up, shows a huge market growth in the coming years and with that demanding AI and its applications:

1. Machine Learning

2. Deep Learning

3. Natural Language Processing

4. Data Science

5. Neural Networks

6. Robotics

7. Cognitive Automation

8. Virtual Agents

9. Speech/Voice Recognition

10. Virtual & Assisted Reality

Artificial Intelligence to Create Millions of career opportunities

Rate of Automation in 2018, 2022, and 2025
Source: Future of job reports 2018, World Economic Forum

AI is gaining Traction. As a result, by 2025 machines will take up around 52% of the manual work which is around 71% right now. Furthermore, it will automate most of the redundant or repetitive work. Thus, organizations should prepare to train and upskill the workforce. Which suggests, improvement in the quality and efficiency of the workforce by either replacing or retaining.
To demonstrate, a survey of 300 or more global organizations across the globe, and covering 20 major emerging economies. And Over half of them are planning to train employees only in key roles soon. On the other hand, According to PwC, between 2017 and 2037 over 7 million jobs will be generated by AI (200,000 jobs).

Artificial Intelligence and career opportunities during COVID-19

“AI is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by the end of 2020,as a result 500,000 potentially new jobs will be created.” -Gartner

After the Covid-19 crisis, job opportunities for AI workers is certainly expected to expand. AI technologies are in high consideration during and beyond 2020. Machine learning, a part of AI, looks at large amounts of data and maps out patterns using a collection of tools. First, these tools predict the outcomes of the patient’s age, sex, pre-existing health conditions to build a narrative. Next, the narrative helps to predict, prevent, and manage covid19. And finally, a correlation is drawn with the data of past infectious diseases such as SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV viruses.

Source: JMIR; Urban Intelligence for pandemic response

Artificial Intelligence and career opportunities in Healthcare

In the coming years, AI in healthcare could save approx. $40 mil in every year. In contrast, Robot-assisted surgeries are more precise and timesaving e.g. IBM Watson, DreMed. They are proving to be an early rare disease diagnostic tools. They are also curing and providing treatments to common health problems like diabetes. Simply by analyzing patterns in the patient’s data (age, gender, diet). This has been successful by consolidating technologies like Machine Learning and Big Data. As a result, soon the AI revolution can provide cheap and more accurate healthcare in the future.

Likewise, Researchers and Professionals are making great achievements through AI. The Knight Career Institute and Intel have made a collaborative cancer cloud, this cloud collects the medical history all of the patients through clinical analytics. To emphasize its aims:

  • Provide a timely diagnosis of cancer preventing it to reach higher stages.
  • Understand the causes of cancer.
  • Targeted treatment for various stages of cancer.
  • Keeping it easy, fast, better diagnosis, and affordable.

AI in the medical sector avoids errors in diagnosing disease with the help of a well-maintained database of patients and analyzing similar symptoms and treatments that worked the best in the recovery before.

Global market for Artificial Intelligence
Source: Statista

Artificial Intelligence and Career opportunities in Finance

Financial Sector like banks also needs AI engineers to develop systems that may determine and reduce fraud. They use machine learning-based systems to track transaction requests and determine suspicious activity. Financial sectors are adapting to clients journeys and promoting financial marketing. In summary, within the Financial Services sector, the AI job state of affairs is extremely positive.

Artificial Intelligence and Remote Work

A work from setup
Source: Pexels

Additionally, 2020 has allowed workers to work with ease, by setting up offices at home. Creating remote positions eases the load for managers and in-house staff also. Monitoring productivity and quality of remote employees through ML is more accurate as well as less interfering. As a result, a fair performance review reports of employees highlights their weaknesses and strengths. In a remote scenario, technology can mimic to be the leads, and managers, especially helpful for very large organizations. Moreover remote scenario opens up a lot of opportunities and the liberty to hire talent from around the globe.

Retain & Educate

It is important to realize that the success of AI is proportional to education. Investment in education is equally important to retain individuals for emerging jobs. As can be seen, The education business is slowly shifting towards e-learning. For this reason, ideas like good content, customized learning, and different data-driven operations rely on AI. Expected growth of 47.5% by 2021 in AI education indicates businesses have to hire many AI and ML specialists. Another key point, people need to learn programming to stay relevant to the ever-changing market. For instance, the Industrial Revolution, a transition from an agriculture economy to an industrial economy. It was one of the major reason owing to the Great Depression. Eventually, workers did upskill themselves, but the short term impact was massive.

Future of Privacy & Human Rights

Not to mention, Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook or Amazon’s Alexa have misused the privacy of their users before. AI together with Big Data analyzes our data and categorizes us. It is then used to predict our future behavior, in addition, to monetize our data. Without correct laws and voluntary limitations, critics argue, the case can get even worse later in the future. Competitors like Google, and Facebook are accused of greed-driven data mining until now.

“There is a real risk that commercial and state use has a detrimental impact on human rights.” – Tim Cook

The use of AI can also impact the exercise of several other rights, including the right to an effective remedy, the right to a fair trial, and the right to freedom from discrimination.

Artificial Intelligence and Trump's campaign scandal
Source: Vox

AI in Data Science

Data Analysis can be considered as the key property of AI and Ml. AI Algos are capable of improving with interactions and hence provide an accurate and precise result with each iteration. AI systems take customer data and make accurate predictions of behavior, preferences etc. to create better-targeted campaigns such as It’s a fast and scalable method to identify patterns and analyze them to predict outcomes in contrast to a human eye might go unnoticed. Google Analytics has Analytics Intelligence, as a result, machine learning helps website owners get insights on their websites faster.  Analytics Intelligence when asked a question in simple English, gives a prompt reply. It also provides website owners with Smart Lists, Smart Goals, Conversion Probability, and other features that help in improving the results of their site.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Source: Sipmm

Artificial Intelligence and its benevolence

Facebook Accessibility, in essence this feature is trying to connect people with disabilities with the rest of the world. With this intention it is developed for:

  • The Visually Impaired
  • Those who can’t use a keyboard or a computer mouse or a touch screen.
  • Those who cant hear

For instance, Facebook’s “automatic alternative text” reads out loud the details of the object in a photo for the visually impaired. E.g. a couple on a bright sunny morning enjoying the mountain sun choose a caption that reads “beautiful sun”. This gives no reference to the location and hence as per Facebook automatic alternative text will speak out loud the details in the picture.


All things considered, AI is taking huge steps and we need to catch up with it to stay relevant. Professionals are opting for AI certification programs for e.g. AI engineer, Machine Learning etc. In order to avail career opportunities as Big Data Engineer, Robotics Scientist, AI Engineer, Product Manager, AI Data Analyst, Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Data Scientist. In like manner, for Leadership roles one needs a Master’s degree or a PHD in AI.

Thank you for the read my next blog is going to be on XR (AR, VR and MR) until then Goodbye.

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