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9 Easy Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook and it is kind of a microblog which is very visual and engaging providing adequate features to enhance the user’s experience.

Did you know?

There are over 3.2 Billion social media users which means it is approximately 42% of the world’s population. With an expected growth of 9% growth increase every year.

What does this mean? 

There’s a lot of potential in Social Media for a lot of reasons be it marketing, selling, sharing, learning or interacting.

What is Social Media?

Initially, social media was considered best for interacting with friends and family. However, it later got a lot of attention from the businesses for marketing themselves due to its interactive and broad nature. This, eventually changed the meaning or optimized it as a powerful tool for connecting, sharing, learning and marketing.

Top 8 Topics on Instagram

8 Simple Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

1. Post incredible photos:

There are plenty of design tools and free stock images available online, which, might help you in creating great Instagram posts without being Photoshop savvy. Check out PexelsUnsplashPixabayFreeimageCanva and Crello (Graphic Design), Gratisography, Morguefile, Stockvault, Picjumbo, Pikwizard, RawpixelReshot.

Crello how to use it
Source: Crello

NOTE: If you are using a free stock photo you could maybe give something back to the artist in return; likes, or even better, a follow.

2. Use the right hashtags on your posts

Hashtags categorize content to make it discoverable hence making it a lot easier to reach to the target audience and filter information. It is also a great way to be noticed by a new audience with similar interests and tastes.

The most used hashtags as per  All hashtag are mentioned below, also in that order. Feel free to use them or look for tags online that might work best for your posts:

First post of #photooftoday hashtag today

4. Figure out who your audience is:

There is a huge platform comparison among FB, YouTube and Instagram. They have entirely different cultures why culture? Because we are referring to a community here.

Knowing how users behave and their expectations of you are crucial. Least you want to do is give yourself a tag of a spammer! While entering a specific culture we need to be following the rules to get accepted, validation!

People on Instagram vs people on Facebook
Source: Pinterest

5. Tag people and brands, when relevant

Instagram tagging can seem intimidating and asymmetrical, but the truth is that hashtags, Geo tags (Location tags), product tags and mentions/account tags have big repercussions on your Instagram presence. It will connect you with people of similar tastes, help in engagement, and most importantly give you more engaging ideas to implement.

Importance of Tagging people on Instagram
Source: Pinterest

6. Write better captions

Captions provide a broader perspective to the Instagram photos enabling better context. You will find many captions ideas online for any occasions, moods, people, art etc. Visit Oberlo or Lifewire for many such ideas.

7. Geotag your location

SimplyMeasured, a social media analytics company, did 2 Instagram posts study and found pictures with more number of relevant, trendy hashtags and location tags (Geotag) did much better than the ones without.

While Instagram allows a total number of 30 hashtags in a post, it’s approximately 9 hashtags that will get you about 7 engagements. Websites like Display purposeAutohash, and Focalmark lets you select relevant and top hashtags as per your keywords.

Using Displaypurpose to create top hashtags for Instagram post from desired keywords
Source: DisplayPurpose

8. Post consistently

Staying on top of your follower’s feed means more engagement which means you might have to post at least once every day. More engagement means more likes and comments making your account more authentic and attracting more followers.

Also, keep exploring various Instagram features like Stories, IGTV and the latest Reels. It is a well-proven fact that videos tend to do better than photos. One more thing going live or creating stories filters you out from the people who aren’t, blessing you with the fair attention you need.

Impact of videos over images on Instagram
Source: Buffer

9. Post when your followers are looking

Iconosquare is a Paid Social Media Analytics provider having various compelling features to grow engagements for a better Social Media experience.

Best time to post on Instagram
Source: Iconosquare


In general, people use YouTube to learn, Facebook to discover for instance what is happening the world, with friends, family etc. but Instagram is mainly used for inspiration and lifestyle.

On Instagram people usually follow celebrities or people for inspiration, their lifestyles and brands. You will also notice a good amount of quotes there.

What creates inspiration? Why are people looking for inspiration online in the first place? People are generally trying to define themselves and are trying to identify themselves in a brand online. What is a brand? “A brand is the way a company, organization, or individual is perceived by those who experience it”. Which means a Brand is an attachment and involves decision making by its consumer. Most successful brands in the market are the ones with the most loyal consumers, for example, Apple, Coca Cola, Nike and many more.

Keep these things in mind and portray a lifestyle that will generate followers and retain them. But most importantly your lifestyle needs to be honest. Make sure that you are actually living that life.

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