6 Must-Know negative aspects of technology in education!

6 Must-Know negative aspects of technology in education:

In today’s world, technology has surpassed humanity and as a result, playing much crucial role than ever before. From our childhood toys to office desktops, technology has left no way to be unaltered. Education is no exception.

The analysts and education experts also believe the same. It is commendable how technology is magnificently filling the unidentified voids between students and teachers. But from the same panel of experts, some also believe that this advancement has led to negative aspects of technology in education.

The bad effects lie from over-dependency on devices to online forgery. This is leading to a decrement in the growth of education and humanity in the modern world.

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Every coin has two aspects and so is here. There are numerous positive aspects of technology in education from distance learning to online education. I’ve already discussed the 5 incredibly amazing impacts of technology in education. If you’ve not read yet, click here. However, in this blog, we’re going to elaborate on The prominent six negative aspects of technology in education.

1. High expenditure

As we know technology is displacing the conventional pens and notebooks by high-tech tablets and laptops for note-making purpose. This means now no more searches needed for a single chapter from the piles of notebooks. I know this is a good impact then what’s the need of discussing here, right? But dear readers, good things never come for free! As a result, to cherish these benefits one must have to go and buy a well-designed tablet or laptops. Besides, their maintenance demands a handsome INR costing a fortune to the owner. Here, not to forget the updates demanded by the outdated software which also consumes a high amount of money. And, this is something what I really wanted to discuss here.

2. Inconsistent teaching and unemployment

With today’s technological advancements, many teachers are incapable to teach students via modern techniques. This is leading to negative aspects of technology in education, for instance, inconsistency in teaching with lesser confidence and fear of being mocked up. As technology is infusing high in the atmosphere, as a result, the experience holders somewhere are losing their existence. The primitive way of interactive teaching is losing its way.

Besides this, unemployment is another grave issue birthing as a result of the negative aspects of technology in education. Imagining how? Well, let’s understand this is a biological way. We all have read about the “Survival of the fittest” theory proposed by Darwin. It simply means those who adapt themselves in the environment are also accepted by the environment leaving others in endanger and extinction. Thus, following the same information here, all those teachers who’re unable to teach via modern techniques are losing their jobs leading to unemployment. Another cause is due to the technical system’s efficiency in teaching more than a subject at once. This is, therefore, contributing to upsurging the unemployment rate.

3. Misguidance due to unauthentic information

This is a serious issue among the negative aspects of technology in education. In this highly competitive world, not a single website is concerned about the contents they’re providing rather all are quarrelling silently about their site rankings. They all are eager to see their websites ranking high on different search engines.

As a result, many of the websites do not even care of verifying the authenticity of the content that they’re copying, before uploading on their site. In this way, the learners and curious minds are, therefore, leading to misguidance. Thus, it’ll hamper their educational development.

4. Source of distraction

This is something I won’t say negative! Amazed why? Because you’ll ultimately feel that it contains some serious negative aspects of technology in education.

As from research, 6O% of the world’s schools and colleges are dependent on modern gadgets like tablets and laptops to teach their students. As a result, students are utilising the same devices to be on par with the teaching process.

Before landing on the exact academic sites, we all are aware of some of the ads telecasting in between. Not all of them are sophisticated enough, right? Besides, the “terms and conditions” part of the site is rarely read before tapping on the ‘accept’ button leading to some adult content ads. This is consequently leading to the distraction of the students from studies.

5. Cheating in the name of learning

Today’s technological furtherance has created enough opportunities for cheating in Online Proctored Exams. See How to become a hero from zero in Online Proctored Exams without cheating!

In laziness, students are deteriorating their level of knowledge and thus, handling the illegal phenomenon with a few clicks of the mouse. We can also find this easily how a large number of students are caught red-handed in cheating during exams via smartphones.

Similarly, there are many online courses available on the internet which are actually fake but seems real. Their prime objective is to undertake the user’s access to OTPs, card details or CVV thus, hacking and transferring all the user’s money in their account. These online forgery cases are rising high each passing day. Hence, it is indicating the negative aspects of technology in education.

6. EBooks replacing physical books

EBooks are the electronic versions of any physical paperback formatted book. In no doubt, it is useful as it saves money on buying a huge amount of books on the same subject or otherwise. But, as I said in the beginning, good things never come for free! As a result, these EBooks are not compatible to download from all devices. You’ve to spend a handsome amount of money, firstly, to buy such a gadget, be it smartphone, laptops or tablets.

So, it’s like you are saving ten pennies and expending fifty in some way or another.

However, the problems don’t end here as constantly looking towards the gadget’s screen can definitely cause severe eye problems to the user. Also, the harmful rays coming from these smart devices aren’t recorded healthy thus, causing issues like headache, spinal pain, etc.

Wrapping up

Even though technology has some adverse impacts on education but as I mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of perspective. So, Inspite of complaining about the negative aspects of technology in education, let’s be a smart learner and effectively utilize this smart gift of one man to another (innovation).

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12 Negative Effects of Technology in Education

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