6 most weird android app to make you laugh hard!

Some madcap android app: When thinking about android apps, there are 3 prime categories.

  • Firstly, apps like Uber to Gmail or Skyscanner which are useful.
  • Secondly, apps like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans which are highly addictive.
  • Then, comes a bucket of the weirdest apps that make you wonder “Why?” Why would anyone develop it and for what sake would people use them?

To your surprise, there are certainly a host of people out there who enjoys these creepy android apps.

So, this blog roams around some of the wackiest android apps that you should try out of the fun. But, before proceeding further, let’s have a look to why are these apps even developed.

Why do such weird apps even exist?

Source: The Verge

A simple answer – to have fun and craziness. As life isn’t only about being straightforward and strict all the time. After a regular interval, some craziness is must to keep us sane! So, using these android apps, people can feel more lively, crazier, funnier either in their own company or with some friends. Above all, the most appealing factor is that all of them are free of cost.

List of the 6 most weird android apps you must try.

1. Nothing

Rating: 4.5

Download: 1M+

Platform: Google and Apple Play Store

What does it do?

The developer of this app is a minimalist, so he applied the same ideology to digital life. As you need to have some clutter-free time with your phone. So, in a nutshell, “Nothing” app is doing.. well, nothing. Surprisingly, this is why the app earned a space under the top list of “Weirdest apps 2O19!”

The prime function of the app is to de-clutter your mind by keeping away from all notifications. However, there’s a secret code that you can enter to make it do something. Download and don’t forget to comment when you find it!

How to use?

If you aren’t interested in visualizing a blank screen rather need something else to distract you from the online life, for instance, social media, then you need to enter a Konami code on this app. Furthermore, “[Swiping] Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. Then click ‘B’ and ‘A’ then ‘Start.'” Once done, it will consequently lead you to a random 1O-hour-long video for switching your mind off and relax.

2. S.M.T.H.

Source: Geekologie

Rating: 3.9

Download: 5OOK+

Platform: Google Play Store

What does it do?

To the reader’s surprise, the acronym translates to “Send Me to Heaven.” Unexpected, right? It’s certainly a sports game where the player throws the phone as high as possible in the sky. That is to say, sending you with your phone to heaven lol!

The higher you throw, the more points you get. You can also compete in different scoreboards for instance World Top Ten, Week Top Ten, Daily Top Ten, Local Top Ten and Facebook friends.

How to use?

For obvious reasons, strange apps certainly have strange rules. So in this case, you can’t rotate your phone in the air, or you’ll lose. Also, make sure to start throwing the phone gently up to 2Ocm and only you get better at it, then upgrade your height gradually. Furthermore, at last, it confirms you to have enough space to launch your phone to the maximum height, up in heaven.

3. Funny Dumb Questions & Beyond

Source: Searchman

Rating: 3.2

Platform: Apple Play Store

What does it do?

From the Google Search Analytics, one of the most searched terms there is “funniest games on the app store.” This certainly indicates that today people lack fun, craziness and humor in their hectic schedule. So, the sole purpose of this android game is to revive the endangered fun.

For these reasons, it consists of a collection of the weirdest, stupid, cute, silly, funny or dumb – whatever you like, questions. Choose your prompt and share it with your friends for echoing a bunch of laughter.

How to use it?

Browse and pick up your type of prompt and save the one like. Share the saved ones with your friends via email or SMS, whatever you prefer. You can also post it directly on your Facebook feed.

4. $1000000

Source: Apiko

Rating: 4.9

Platform: Apple App Store

What does it do?

It’s one of the craziest iPhone apps that’s the ultimate goal is to let you count a million dollars. The developer of this android app classifies it certainly for those who want to feel the rush that rich people get when they count their money. Besides, you can play pop music in the background to have the vibes of a famous rapper in songs while counting immense notes. Consequently, it’s one of the most bizarre android app.

How to use?

Just download it from the Apple Play Store and open to start counting the money. You’ll be provided bills of $5O or $1OO. Enjoy counting as a rich descendant until it comes to $1000000.

5. I am Bread

Rating: 4.0

Platform: Apple App Store

What does it do?

It’s certainly obvious to have funny names for weird apps, but this one triumph all. It’s a game where you are playing the role of bread intending to transform into a toast. And for this, you need to complete the eight levels of the game. From going through the kitchen, you have to attain a venture to the garden and other parts of the allotted home to complete the game.

However, it’s among the list of typical adventure games out there, but the thought of playing a bread role earns it a high space in the list of funny and weird android app.

How to use?

Because the app is developed for iOS from the ground up, so there’s the least issue using the controls. To transform into a winning toast, you just need to carefully pave your way towards the end, avoiding all midway hurdles. If you perform well in all eight assigned levels, then you’re the winner.

6. Fake Chat Conversation

Source: Medium

Ratings: 4.3

Downloads: 1M+

Platform: Google Play Store

What does it do?

Undoubtedly, one of the most insane awesome downloads is unequivocally the Fake Chat Conversation android app. As seeing is believing, so you can create a fake chat with anyone you dream that will seem much more realistic. These kinds of apps are primarily developed for pranksters.

The app further makes fake audio messages, calls and even emojis. You can use this Fake Chatbox either for playing with your friends’ heads or to appear busy in some get-together if you want to avoid talking with someone.

How to use it?

Just download and create a fake profile with all credentials as realistic as possible. Now, start your conversation and after finishing, take screenshots and further send it to your friends.

Over to you

To sum up, this was all about our list of the top six most weird android app for making your day with a little contribution by us. Hope you liked the blog, also please share this with your family and friends to continue the chain of giving a reason to laugh. Catch you in the upcoming blogs, till then keep reading keep supporting!


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