2 step Chinese Supplier checkup

1. Check with Online Databases

Here are some of the online databases to check Chinese certificates:

PlatformUsed for Checking:
National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity SystemChina Business License
China Customs Credit Publicity Platform of Import and Export BusinessChina Customs Registration
China Ministry of Commerce Business SystemChina Foreign Trade Registration
China Online Trademark Checking System China Trademark Registration (can also be used to check the status of trademark applications and search for similar trademarks)
CNCA Certification Information Checking SystemManagement System Certifications (including ISO 9001ISO 14001 etc.) and Product Certifications (including China’s CCC certificate)
CNAS – Find an Accredited BodyChina Laboratory Accreditation and Certification Body details.
Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS)Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation
Taiwan Department of Commerce Information SystemTaiwan Company Registration Form

2. Contact Issuer

In case of further doubt, directly contact the organization that issued the certificate.

For shipping realted clearance documents – which usually can’t be verified via databases and  ISO certifications issued outside of China’s accreditation system contact the companies directly.

First, identify who the issuer is – looking at the certificate’s logos and certification marks can help – and to find their contact details. Use Baidu if required.

Next, contact the organization and seek assistance to check the certificate is genuine. Finding the right number to call or email address to write to can be a big challenge, especially if the organization has limited English support.

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