1983 world cup

1983 World Cup: The Game That Changed The Nation

In India cricket isn’t life or death its much more than that. The emotion that unites the nation as a whole. That sort of passion which crosses all boundaries of sex race caste or color. Cricket is the most-watched sports in the country where students often lose their attendance and employees lose their leave when a major match is played in the country. The 1983 world cup was an astonishing event in the history of Indian cricket. India lifted the first world cup in the lord’s balcony in London. From that day on India never looked back. Cricket is now a religion in India and the matches are celebrating widely all across the country.

Champions of India

Pic credits : ICC cricket

Defeating the mighty West Indies, a two-time world champion lead by clive Lloyd is nothing less than a dream come true. The 1983 world cup still reverberates in the minds of every Indian. The world cup inspired many Indians to take sports as their career including the Master blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Kapil became the first Indian captain to lift the world cup and as kris Srikanth said

We won the World Cup because of one man. The man who had so much self-belief – Kapil Dev. Thanks to you, Kapsy.

India competed with the West Indies who were waiting for their hat trick, there was nothing to lose. Nobody had faith in the Indian players but the determined Indian players shocked the nation. In the final match, India lost the toss and was asked to bat first. The Indian team bowled out in 54.4 overs with a score of 183. Kris Srikanth was out with a top score of 38 runs. Considering the talent and batting skills of the west indies team it was impossible for Indian players to win. In the beginning, only two people expected that India could win, the former Australian captain Kim Hughes, said that the Indian team were ” black horses” and the late Sundar Rajan who was then working in the times of India predicted an early win for the country.


The Indian team’s bowling was exceptional in the final match. Mohinder Amarnath and Madan Lal were incredible in taking three wickets which lead to the victory over 43 runs. The Indian team made the theory that was prevailing at the time into reality. Pack the team with allrounders, rely on the batsmen getting the runs, and then leave it to the bowlers to be restrictive rather than attacking. Mohinder Amarnath played a vital role, he scored a total of 26 runs the second-highest score of the day, and he took 2 for 27 off his 12 overs, the prominent wickets of Gatting and Gower when both were obviously a threat to the game. At the innings break when the entire stadium was cheering for the west indies team, Kapil did his Agincourt bit

we have nothing to lose but remember we’ve scored 183 runs, they are yet to do so, so make them fight for every run.

Pic credits : The states man

The next couple of hours was quite unforgettable for the viewers, from the least expected Indian team, an unexpected showcasing of sheer brilliance. Firstly the Balwinder Singh Sandhu’s inswinger took the wicket of Gordon Greenidge’s off bail and the west indies team was perplexed to 5/1. Secondly, Kapil who had stationed in the short midwicket ran backward to catch the staggering wicket of Sir Viv Richards.

From 50/1 west indies team were struggling at 66/5 and then 76 for 6. Then came Mohinder and took two wickets leaving West Indies 124 for 8. Soon the west indies team was not able to hold the Indian bowlers and were all out at 140 and India won by 43 runs. The achievements of Amarnath in 1983 made him among the list of Widen’s five cricketers of the year

The game-changer

Kapil dev, the most astonishing Indian captain rewrote the history of Indian cricket by his remarkable achievement of 175 not out against Zimbabwe. The Indian cricket team was known as Kapil’s devils and indeed it was. Kapil’s score was not only the highest score in the world cup but it was a record score in one-day international cricket. The situation which he encountered was shocking. As he came to the crease India was 9 for 4. There was no chance for the Indian team to reach the finals.

Pic credits : ICC cricket

Then came the Kapil career-best performance he stood as a one-man resistance scoring 175, not out of 138 balls including 16 fours and six sixes.

New era

The 1983 world cup victory boosted the spirit of Indians. The whole nation was proud of the team. The impact of the lord’s final was so huge that the value of cricket in India increased tremendously. People in India become so fond of cricket. Then came the era of Sachin Tendulkar 5 ft 4-inch men who changed the destiny of India cricket as a whole. The records that Sachin set gained immense popularity for Indian cricket. The young talent showed his exceptional career for 24 years. Thousand of fans Where poured into the stadium to watch Tendulkar.

Pic credits : Vinayakk Mohanarangan / Scroll.in

Then came Sourav Ganguly, one of the highest ODI run-scorer of the world. his period was a golden era in Indian cricket. He hails as one of the most successful captains outside Asia, the winning of India against Zimbabwe is indeed an example. When Ganguly was handed over the captaincy of Indian cricket the team was passing through one of its most dark times. The match-fixing scandal tore the whole country. The former captain and a few other prominent players were implicated. His greatest success was bringing back the credibility of Indian cricket within a year.

The broadcasting of cricket was another turning point. People began to watch cricket in Doordarshan. Advertisements become the main source of revenue for cricket and the popularity of cricket increased beyond imagination.

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Then came Mahendra Singh dhoni with his glittering career spanning over 15 years, Dhoni scaled innumerable heights of success that is almost impossible to measure. Winning the world cup again for India in 2011 after 28 years.

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