top 10 secret places in the world

10 Most Secret Places In The World Encapsulating Your Imaginations

Imagine an island which is not affected by Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, or any other natural disasters! Yes, it exists.
we are going to see the 10 most secretive places in the world

1. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Pic credits : Smithsonian magazine

This seed vault is located 150m inside a sandstone mountain in Spitsbergen, Norway.250 million seeds from around the world are kept here heavenly guarded, under artificial climate. This can only be used once the world has no crop seed left!. Unless you prove your identity as a researcher there is no entry

2. Ni‘ihau, Hawai

Pic credits :

This180 sqm Island is owned by the Robinson family of NIHUA. It was gifted by the king in 1863. Since 1915 no visitors are allowed to this private island. There are only 130 permanent inhabitants on this island along with some endangered animals. Island has no telephonic communication, roads, electricity, or proper transport facility. Solar power is the only source of energy and horses are used for transportation. Food items and other commodities are brought using barges.

3. Royal Airforce Menwith Hill, England

Pic credits : Wikipedia

The world’s most protected Electronic monitoring system is located in RAF Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire. Intelligence activities of both the U.K and U.S governments are carried out in this center. It is said it was one of the places developed during the cold war era to monitor the activities of the soviet union.
It is said to have ties with the global spy agency ‘ECHELON’. Visiting this place is forbidden with serious legal litigations.

4. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

Pic credits : Ancient origins

What would an 85km long arrangements of books look like, if archives are laid out it would stretch up to 85km. It is the most protected private library in the world. Only the Pope has the access to all the material in the archive.
Rare records of Michelangelo, Abraham Lincon are safeguarded here. Records from the early 8th century are kept under safe conditions. Open access to this archive was only given in 1881. Only qualified scholars, who meet all the qualification are permitted here.

5. Area 51, Nevada

Pic credits : BBC

Area 51 will be the best prototype of secret places that you would see in a Hollywood movie. It was set up in the Vietnam war era precisely in 1955. Things that take place in this heavily guarded area is still a mystery to the world. It is said that even alien aircraft are grounded here and further convoluted experiments!.

6. Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

Pic credits : Hawaii news now

Popularly known as the ‘Stairs of Heaven, Haika stairs are located in ochu, Hawaii. It was constructed in 1942 to transmit radio signals to the navy in the pacific ocean. It takes the courage of ‘John Rambo’ to walk through the steps. A total of 3922 steps are available to test the courage.
Tourists are discouraged to visit the stairs due to its risk.

7. Surigao Del Sur, Philippines

Pic credits : Wikipedia

A river entering a cave changes its color. this hidden beauty of nature is known as Surigao del Sur. This epic wonder is located behind the mountains of surgio del sure. The mountains lead the river into a cave in which the color of the water turns to glittering blue. This Serene beauty is waiting for her visitors all around the world.

8. Door to hell, Turkmenistan

Pic credits : Atlas obscura

Door to hell is the name given to a collapsed cliff in Turkmenistan. The incident leading to the collapse of this cliff occurred in 1971. Since then a large amount of methane gas has been emitted from this cliff. Geologist, after studying the nature of the event, decided to set fire to the methane gas. Surprising the geologists the fire from the ridge remained lit due to a huge volume of methane emission.
Tourists are allowed to visit this place under serious guidelines.

9. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Pic credits : Live science

Any animal touching this lake will turn into stone within minutes! this is the specialty of lake Natron located in Tanzania. This abnormal condition of the lake is caused by an excessive amount of Alkaline. The value of which is 10.5 more than that of water in terms of PH value. Lake Norton prohibits visitors due to this unseen risk

10. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Pic credits : Gajinpot Blog

The Ise Grand Shrine of Ise Jingu is one of the places located in the heart of a sacred forest in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. The shrine is the most sacred Shinto shrine in the country. It is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu with a separate shrine dedicated to Toyouke, the food goddess.

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