10 interesting IoT projects ideas for a final year thesis

We are living in an exciting world of technological innovation. Indeed, the world is changing radically around us. There had been mobile and internet revolution and now there is the Internet of Things or called IoT.

The heart and soul of the IoT based system is the development board which provides several interfaces for the operations. Moreover, all these IoT based systems get integrated with the IoT platform to deliver a seamless experience.

Below is the list of interesting 10 project ideas for final year students based on IoT technology.

1. Smart Door Bell using IoT

IOT based bell
Picture source: Pixabay

A smart doorbell is an internet-connected doorbell. The end-user gets notified on the smart-phone or any other electronic device when the visitor arrives at the door. Moreover, the system maintains the facial record of each valid-user in a database.OTP is a double authentication to verify the user. Whenever any intruder triggers the bell, the camera takes the image of the intruder and sends the image as well as the OTP to the owner.

2. IoT based smart street light

IoT based street lighting
Picture source: Pixabay

As part of a smart city, IoT based solution for street light management is the need of the hour. Undoubtedly, the traditional method of street lighting leads to wastage and is manual in nature. Furthermore, with the proposed system or the project, the following advantage is obtained.

  • Automatic switching of street lights
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Reduction in CO₂ emission
  • Reduction of light pollution
  • Wireless communication
  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of manpower

3. Cloud-based Smart Energy meter FPGA

IoT bases smart enery meters
Picture source: Pixabay

The efficient use of energy is observed when the cost factor plays a prominent role. In such a case, the energy meter plays a critical role. Yet, the traditional energy meters have faced certain drawbacks in use. Moreover, in situations where the meter is present in the inaccessible positions or where the visibility is very poor, these energy meters provide limited uses. In such a scenario, the Wifi based meters provide benefits. It can send data via it’s wireless communications to a cloud where the data is analyzed and monitored.

4. Smart water level monitoring

Smart water level monitoring.
Picture source: Unsplash

Water is a scarce resource. It is the need of the hour to have a system where we can keep a tap on the consumption of water. We can install an IoT based water level monitoring system at all the important municipal tanks as well as individual homes. Thus, we can know about the usage of water in real-time.


5. MQTT based smart waster management collection using Rasberry Pi

IoTbased water management.
Picture source: Unsplash

The Internet Of Things (IoT) based solution helps in smart building management. In smart building management, waste management plays an important role. Generally, in the old system, there is inefficiency in waste management which leads to environmental degradation. The IoT based system uses MQTT based protocol to send the information about the status of the bin, filled with trash, to the central server.MQTT works on both low speed and high-speed networks.

6. IoT based weather station

Smart weather stations
Picture source: Unsplash

An IoT based weather device is an important device that helps in measuring weather conditions in our vicinity. For example, it can provide us with information on temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. It consists of many sensors to measure and calculate the various atmospheric conditions.

7. IoT base alarm clock

IoT based alarm clock.
Picture source: Pixabay

An IoT enabled smart clock is developed in this project. Moreover, the alarm can be set via the internet using a web server. Furthermore, the device displays the current time, temperature, and weather.

8. Facial Recognition Door using Windows IoT

IoT based face recognition
Picture source: Pixabay

This IoT based project uses face recognition software to provide security. The IoT based device uses a Raspberry Pi, basic Webcam, and an internet connection. The door will then unlocks itself via facial recognition.

9. Secure Smart Environment Using IOT based on RFID

Smart shopping
Picture source: Pixabay

An IoT based system integrated with RFID tags helps in giving a smart shopping experience. The goods have RFID tags and the user can get information on the phone. It also helps in faster billing.

10. Web server using ARM7

IoT based webserver
Picture source: Pixabay

The aim of the project is to control the devices or equipment from the remote place through a web page. Hence, it controls all the devices connected to the ARM 7 evaluation board. Moreover, the webserver exposes certain web services to control the devices.


In a nutshell, IoT is a budding technology with applications ranging from smart home systems to smart city applications. Above is the list of few projects useful in the area of IoT and I believe the students will find it useful.

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